Kris Wu Scandal: Chinese media outlets reveal Kris Wu, currently facing se*ual assault charges, is being held in a detention facility with his head shaven

kris wu now facing sexual assaults charges

Former Kpop group EXO member Kris Wu is now facing se*ual assault charges and some of the Chinese media outlets reveal pictures of the former kpop idol being held in detention with his head shaven. The Kris Wu scandal has been dominating news outlets for quite a while now, read on to know what really happened.

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Kris Wu Facing Sexual Assault Charges

On August 5, Chinese media published a suspected photo from inside the jail, claiming that former EXO member, singer and actor Kris Wu is currently being held there pending an investigation for the sexual harassment case filed against him.

According to Chinese reports, Kris Wu was allegedly photographed spending time in a JAIL cell in Chaoyang, with his head pointed low and showing signs of fatigue. The pictures revolve around a certain personality we call Kris Wu.

Kris Wu had invited 2 underage girls for a home party

The controversy surrounding Kris Wu and his alleged sexual assault began last month when his rumored ex-girlfriend, 18-year-old Du Meizhu, accused the singer/actor of raping her after inviting her to her home for an acting interview. Du Meizhu said Kris Wu and his manager attracted many other women to the same house, including 2 underage girls.

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Before the scandal Chris Wu appeared in The Rap of China

Kris wu was a member of the sensational Korean boy band, “Exo” and “Exo-M”, before flying solo as a musician and actor in China. He has appeared on various Chinese variety shows, just like “The Rap of China”, and has starred in lots of Chinese language box office hits, and in recent years, has also debuted in Hollywood. On Weibo, a Chinese social media community platform, he has over 50 million fans.

Chris Wu had alleged relationship with a college student

Before this incident took place, Wu was seen in the headlines when some pictures of the artist renting a cinema hall for a date, came upon the incident. Since the cinema exploited the singer’s privacy, Wu’s team took legal action against the cinema hall. While this scandal was going on, Du Meizhu, a college student came up and announced that Kris has been in a relationship with her and has been dishonest in the relationship.

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