Mnet ‘Kingdom’: Air time, how to live stream ATEEZ, Stray Kids and BTOB’s performances as Jeongin tears up, Why did Mnet Kingdom start off with the lowest rating in history of K-pop survival reality shows

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Mnet’s ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ has reached Round 2 ‘Re-born’ where the K-pop supergroups are covering each others’ iconic songs and performing a never-seen-before rendition of it for Mnet’s ‘Kingdom’ stage. For Episode 5, Stray Kids, ATEEZ and BTOB will set the stage on fire with ‘I’ll Be Your Man’, ‘Rhythm Ta’ and ‘Back Door’ as their chosen song respectively.

On April 2, 2021, Mnet’s biggest and most anticipated idol survival reality show Mnet Kingdom aired for the very first time and its grand premier was grand to say the least. Mnet Kingdom is a competition show between various highly established and reputed K-Pop boy groups battle it out for the crown. 

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Mnet’s Kingdom: A Preview

A prequel to this show, Road to Kingdom with rookie groups as participants gave The Boyz a straight pass into Mnet Kingdom where they are now competing with BTOB, iKON, SF9, The Boyz, Stray Kids and ATEEZ. Where BTOB has the experience of a master group, SF9 has the visuals with the skills, The Boyz have the advantage of being monster rookies, Stray Kids have the power of one of the biggest fandoms supporting their talent and ATEEZ is known worldwide as one of the best all-rounder groups to ever exist, the competition is fierce to say the least.

Stray Kids perform at the Mnet Kingdom

A preview of Stray Kids for the upcoming episode of “Kingdom: Legendary War” (hereafter “Kingdom”) has been released!

Episode 5 will continue with Round 2 performances of the groups covering each other’s songs, and as revealed previously, Stray Kids will cover BTOB’s “I’ll Be Your Man.” The preview clip released on April 29 gives a glimpse of Stray Kids choosing which BTOB song to perform. Lee Know suggests “MOVIE,” and the members enjoy watching BTOB’s entertaining performance. Changbin comments, “I love it so much,” and Han yells, “I love you!” Seungmin adds, “We have to enjoy the stage like that.”

Han then mentions, “‘I’ll Be Your Man’ suddenly came to my mind.” Bang Chan notes that they will be able to show a different side of themselves if they perform “I’ll Be Your Man.” Han says it is a song that can show both their vocals and rapping, while I.N shares that he wants to try an emotional performance like that. As the members all react positively to the option, they decide to go with “I’ll Be Your Man.”

The video then shows a bit of Stray Kids’ explosive performance. After the performance, I.N is shown tearing up backstage.

The full story of Stray Kids’ “I’ll Be Your Man” performance will be unveiled via Episode 5 of “Kingdom” on April 29 at 7:50 p.m. KST.

Mnet Kingdom: Air Date and Time

‘Kingdom’ Episode 5 will return on April 29 at 7.50 pm.

How to live stream

‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ airs from Mnet. The performance stages are uploaded on Mnet’s YouTube channel while the show is airing. The episode will also be available in Rakuten Viki after the show ends. Click here to watch all the episodes of Mnet’s Kingdom. Check out Mnet’s YouTube channel here for all ‘Kingdom’ updates.


In Episode 5, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and BTOB will take the ‘Kingdom’ stages to perform their own rendered masterpieces of some well-loved songs of K-pop.

Stray Kids

JYP’s Stray Kids, the fourth generation K-pop group deemed for their never-ending energy will perform BTOB’s ‘I’ll Be Your Man.’ In the preview clip, Jeongin is seen tearing up after their performance which has made fans wonder what might have happened during the stage. 


BTOB chose to cover Stray Kids’ record-breaking song ‘Back Door’ which had earlier made it to TIME Top 10 songs of 2020 list. Along with putting their own spin on the song, BTOB takes it up a notch when Minhyuk rips his shirt on stage. The preview clip also shows how Changsub is practicing the high notes of the song and to fit it to their rock-inspired theme, fans believe that they will be singing it even on higher notes than the original track. 


SF9 has performed ‘The Stealer’ from The Boyz ‘Chase’ album. Check out the performance below:


The first position holder of Round 1, fourth-generation K-pop supergroup ATEEZ will be performing iKon’s ‘Rhythm Ta.’ ATEEZ’s Seonghwa has been a certified iKon fan who also covered ‘Rhythm Ta’ with his high school band and now with ‘Kingdom’, fans are excited to see the group’s unique take on the song.

The Boyz

The Boyz performed SF9’s ‘O Sole Mio.’ The Boyz are always hailed for their creativity and with the latest stage where the group performed the song in ‘Red Wedding’ theme, the group proved why they remain a fan favorite for the winner’s position.

Mnet’s Kingdom Started off with the lowest ratings ever?

Millions of fans around the world have been waiting for this first episode to air for months now. However, clearly in South Korea itself, the show wasn’t as hyped. According to Nielsen Korea, the premiere episode of Mnet Kingdom reached an average viewership rating of 0.3%. While this isn’t particularly negative in and of itself, when considered alongside the premiere ratings for previous shows in the format such as Queendom and Road To Kingdom, this is the lowest rating ever

In the first episode, all 6 teams gave a 100-second performance version of their hottest song and while not all teams were singing live, some were. All the performances have been uploaded on Mnet’s Youtube channel where viewers can assess and analyse the performances before voting. While there will be no eliminations this time around, there can only be one winner which will be determined by their performance throughout the season. 

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