Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War: Stray Kids continue their winning streak; While SF9 continues its persistent fight, While Donghyuk and Juyeon self isolate after coming in contact with a Covid positive dancer

stray kids lead at mnet kingdom survival show

On April 2, 2021, Mnet’s biggest and most anticipated idol survival reality show Mnet Kingdom aired for the very first time and its grand premier was grand to say the least. Mnet Kingdom is a competition show between various highly established and reputed K-Pop boy groups battle it out for the crown. 

The last couple of weeks have been hectic and maddening for the contestants of Kingdom: Legendary War. Besides the fierce competition, the Coronavirus scare has been looming large on everybody’s head.

Mnet’s Kingdom: A Preview

A prequel to this show, Road to Kingdom with rookie groups as participants gave The Boyz a straight pass into Mnet Kingdom where they are now competing with BTOB, iKON, SF9, The Boyz, Stray Kids and ATEEZ. Where BTOB has the experience of a master group, SF9 has the visuals with the skills, The Boyz have the advantage of being monster rookies, Stray Kids have the power of one of the biggest fandoms supporting their talent and ATEEZ is known worldwide as one of the best all-rounder groups to ever exist, the competition is fierce to say the least.

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Mnet Kingdom’s Covid-19 Protocol

The competing groups came in close contact with a dance crew member who was unfortunately diagnosed as COVID positive. The competing groups tested themselves and thankfully, they tested negative. However, Kim Donghyuk, of iKON, who came into close contact with the dancer who tested COVID positive, will remain in self-quarantine until May 18 at noon KST. 

Cre.Ker Entertainment, THE BOYZ’s label stated that Juyeon would also be under self-isolation until May 18, following his negative test result. This means Donghyuk and Juyeon will not be participating in the group’s activities, till they don’t finish their quarantine.

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Kingdom’s rankings

On the episode aired on May 13, Mnet released the current overall rankings of ATEEZ, BTOB, iKON, SF9, Stray Kids, and THE BOYZ. The current rankings of the competing groups are – 1. Stray Kids, 2. ATEEZ, 3. BTOB, 4. iKON, 5. THE BOYZ and 6. SF9. For the past weeks, Mnet has been ranking the contestants based on the following criterion – experts’ voting 25%, self-evaluation votes 25%, YouTube views 10%, and global vote 40%.

The current overall ranking of the team with the combination of the points is based on 100 sec. introduction stage, Round 1 (To The World) and Round 2 (Re-Born). Stray Kids continue their winning streak as top-notch performers, closely followed by ATEEZ, BTOB, and iKON. Winners of Road to Kingdom, THE BOYZ and fan-favourites SF9 have been persisting hard and trying to level up with the other competing groups. 

How to live stream

‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ airs from Mnet. The performance stages are uploaded on Mnet’s YouTube channel while the show is airing. The episode will also be available in Rakuten Viki after the show ends. 

 Click here to watch all the episodes of Mnet’s Kingdom. Check out Mnet’s YouTube channel here for all ‘Kingdom’ updates.

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