MOMOLAND’s Hyebin And Marco Confirmed To Be Dating: Marco Apologizes For Initially Denying Dating Rumors

marco is dating momoland's hyebin

MOMOLAND’s Hyebin and Marco (former HBY and UNB member) are confirmed to be dating!

Previously, netizens on online communities and social media speculated that the two idols were dating based on photos of each idol wearing what seemed to be couple items. They were seen wearing the same necklace, padded jacket, ring, watch, and more.

Marco and Momoland’s Hyebin are officially dating

K-Netz were quick to connect the dots between MOMOLAND’s Hyebin and the actor/singer Marco’s photos. They were seen wearing couple items many times and fans speculated that the two idols were dating. According to a report by Daily Sport, Hyebin’s agency has today confirmed the speculations! A representative from MLD Entertainment, MOMOLAND’s agency, told the news outlet.

MLD Entertainment confirmed Marco and Momoland’s Hyebin are dating

On May 17, a source from MLD Entertainment confirmed to Newsen, “We have checked with Hyebin herself, and it is true that Hyebin and Marco are dating.”

Hyebin debuted in 2016 with MOMOLAND, and Marco debuted a year later as part of HBY. In 2018, Marco competed on “The Unit” and made it into the final project group UNB. He later took part in the reality show ‘The Unit’ and became a final member of the group UNB. Marco is now active as an actor and solo rapper and singer. 

Marco apologizes for denying rumors initially

The day before the news broke, Marco had participated in a group chat with some fans and denied the dating rumors.

Later on May 17, Marco posted an apology on his personal Instagram account.

“This is Marco.

I apologize for causing fans concern. Yesterday, during the open chatting event, my speech and behavior caused serious disappointment to those who have trusted me and cheered me.

I was at fault for trying to set my fans at ease through lies. I was afraid of causing harm to a lot of people, so even though I’m someone who is able to work through the love of fans, I turned away from the fact that the truthful stance was the right one to take.

I can only apologize for hurting my fans through my mistaken judgment and false excuses. I know that an apology won’t erase the feelings of disappointment and hurt, but I will never stop reflecting on my actions. I will work hard in order to not disappoint you like this again and reflect on the criticism I have received for my immature actions.

Once again, I apologize. I’m sorry.”

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MOMOLAND Hits 500 Million Views With “BBoom BBoom” MV, Becoming 3rd K-Pop Girl Group Ever To Do So

MOMOLAND has just hit the 500 million mark for the very first time on YouTube!

On April 12 at approximately 6:13 a.m. KST, the music video for MOMOLAND’s smash hit “BBoom BBoom” surpassed 500 million views on YouTube, making it the group’s first music video ever to reach the milestone.

“BBoom BBoom” was originally released on January 3, 2018 at 6 p.m. KST, meaning that it took the song just over three years, three months, and eight days to achieve the feat.

MOMOLAND is only the third K-pop girl group ever to reach 500 million views with a music video on YouTube, following BLACKPINK and TWICE.

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