South Korean Rapper Owen Receives Huge Backlash For Making Sexually Inappropriate Comments On ITZY’s Ryujin

Ryujin, Owen

South Korean rapper Owen of MKIT Rain Records, has again landed himself in trouble after making sexually inappropriate comments regarding ITZY member Ryujin. This is not the first time he has made insanely inappropriate comments, as previously he received backlash and criticism for making sexist and racist comments.

Owen’s sexually inappropriate comments against ITZY’s Ryujin

One user had made a harmless online comment on how they feel that Ryujin’s rap is better than Owens. Owens decided to reply to this comment, and target Ryujin by making a sexually inappropriate comment.

The comment exchange literally translated to:

Comment of user: I honestly think our Ryujin unnie’s rap is better than yours…

Owen: Yeah. Her rap was created and birthed by my sperm.”

The comment was delete a while after it was posted, but it did it’s damage. This comment enraged ITZY fans, MIDZYs, to the core, and they have been demanding an apology addressed to Ryujin from the rapper and his company.

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Owen’s previous scandals

Various times in the past, the rapper has made extremely sexist and racist comments, and has even talked about wanting to “r*pe” white “bi**hes” in his Instagram live. “I cannot stand white b*ch*es. I want to r*pe them.” This is an absolutely horrendous comment, specially coming from a famous celebrity, someone who at some point, must have been looked up to by his fans.

Owen, Ryujin
Owen’s Instagram Live

He was also caught up in a controversy, where he had to step down from Mnet’s “Show Me The Money,”, rap competition, after he and four other rappers were found to have used marijuana. Marijuana usage is a huge taboo in South Korea, and led to Owens facing a huge backlash from the public.

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Insulting the Black Lives Matter Movement:

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement was a huge movement that took place after the tragic killing of George Floyd. It was an extremely powerful movement, followed by millions. Owens, however, had to go ahead and insult this movement on his Instagram handle. During his live stream, he questioned why he needs to acknowledge the struggle of black people.

He also said that he does not give a “f*ck” about the Black Lives Matter movement and does not care about being canceled since he is still making money. His comments, obviously, again led him to face backlash, both, in south Korea and Internationally.

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ITZY comeback:

ITZY have been preparing for their comeback, which is on April 30, and they are set to drop their fourth album, “Guess Who,” with the title track “Mafia in the Morning.”

Their last comeback was was on Aug. 17, 2020, with their third mini-album “Not Shy.”

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