‘Purple Kiss’ idols being BULLIED for overweight: Rookie K-pop girl group shares their experience since their debut

Purple Kiss, Swan
K-pop girl group, ‘Purple Kiss’, under RBW entertainment, just made their debut two days ago, and one of their members, Swan, has already become victim to bullying by netizens regarding her weight.

It is no secret to how vicious the K-pop industry can be sometimes- well, most of the time. Idols, especially female idols, have been bullied various times previously regarding their weight. Being slightly overweight can also lead to a great deal of negativity from netizens- and the industry in general.

Being an idol, in their eyes, means to look perfect in all ways, and natural human flaws are not accepted.

Purple Kiss: Swan

This is exactly what happened to the maknae (youngest member) of the girl group Purple Kiss. A post on Pann was made in regards of the appearance of Swan. Netizens talked about how the idol should go on a diet and asked others of their opinion by asking them to down-vote the post if they think that the idol should manage herself better and to up-vote the post if they think that Swan looks good the way she is currently. The post got more than 500 down-votes and just 70 up-votes.

Many fans, however, came in support of the maknae, and told bullies to leave her alone, and that she looks “perfect” in the way that she is currently.

This is not the first time female K-pop idols have been body shamed.

Idols such as Wendy (Red Velvet), Hwasa (Mamamoo), CL (Former member of 2NE1), Umji (GFRIEND) have constantly had comments been made on their body weight. Jihyo, from TWICE, was not only bullied by netizens for gaining weight, but has also been shamed by a photographer.

Mamamoo’s Hwasa has a history of being bullied on the way that she looks. She once commented that she didn’t take special care of her weight and that she eats normally. This harmless comment caused netizens to bash Hwasa for her weight, as they started judging her figure. Hwasa, however, after much bullying from netizens and the industy, radiates confidence over the way that she looks, and believes that the concept of a ‘Korean beauty standard’ should not be focussed on.

“If I don’t fit into this generation’s standard of beauty, then I will have to become a different standard.”, Hwasa said once.

Netizens need to start realising that idols, just like us, are humans and do not deserve to be treated so harshly for looking the way that they do. More realistic beauty standards need to be promoted, to relieve these hardworking idols from the pressure they are constantly put under.

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