Shinee’s Taemin trends on Twitter as “Criminal” is named Best Comeback Of the Year by Metro UK

taemin trends on twitter for song of the year

Shinee’s main dancer Taemin dominates Twitter Trends as his 2020 comeback song “Criminal” is named as the comeback of the year by Metro UK. The Kpop idol dropped a five-track album “Advice” which stunned Kpop enthusiasts all over the world with the charismatic visuals. Read on to know more about Taemin and the new title he received from Metro UK.

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Even if the pandemic has made all the artists halt their concerts, it couldn’t keep them from making and releasing new music regularly. With one of the best years for the Kpop industry, artists released magnificent music and projects and one of them is Shinee’s Taemin.

Taemin came back with a five-track EP called “Advice” and blew minds away with the visuals, vocals and above all, the sultry choreography. “CRIMINAL” was announced as the comeback of the year by Metro UK.

Taemin joining the military next year

K-pop group Taemin Shinee will join the South Korean military at the end of May to begin his forced national career, but ahead of his musical career, the singer this week released an EP “Advice”. The title track is a sharp trap and R&B dance production that gives the stage a talented character to test his art and the beautiful, advanced and middle-class music video for advice, released next to the album.


With the exception of one, the EP includes four more songs from the K-pop star, including If I Could Tell You, featuring Taeyeon for Girls ’Generation.
Lee Taemin has spent almost half of his life in the light of celebrity. It’s been six and a half years since the Korean idol released his first solo album and twice that time since he first appeared as the Main-Dancer for Bow-cut-sporting, at the age of fourteen. Now, he draws a curtain on this chapter of his work.

In mid-April, Taemin undertook a VLIVE broadcast to announce that his enlistment in South Korea’s compulsory military service would take place by the end of May. “It’s hard for me to talk about this,” he told a tearful live radio show with his cat, Kkoong. For Taemin, it’s more than an eighteen-month hiatus from a cycle of recording, motivating, and performing: “It’s like looking back on the first act of my life.”


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