WayV’s Ten Helps Out Friend BLACKPINK’s Lisa In New Dance Clip: Trainees’ Touching Reviews Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Teaching Show Prove She’s The Perfect Mentor

lisa seeks help from wayv's ten

For the latest collaboration stages for Youth With YouBLACKPINK‘s Lisa and her team of trainees impressed with their performance of WayV‘s “Kick Back”. It turns out Ten had a hand in helping them nail the choreography so well. Lisa has been mentoring the trainees on a show called “Youth with You”.

Since Lisa takes her role as a mentor very seriously, she took an extra step in teaching her trainees the “Kick Back” choreography properly. Lisa revealed, “I actually asked my friend, Ten from WayV, to teach me how to do this choreography. Because I want to teach you guys the original one.” Since the friendship between the two is one that fans love to see, they didn’t leave fans hanging.


In a clip that Ten uploaded to both his Instagram and Weibo pages, he showed both of them dancing to “Kick Back” together. Seeing the talented dancers together had fans loving their friendship more than before and hoping for more moments from them. The clip was even more iconic because the last time Lisa and Ten danced together was over three years ago for a special collaboration stage between male and female idols.

On a previous episode of season three of Youth With You, mentor BLACKPINK‘s Lisa amazed viewers by nailing NCT 127‘s “Kick It”—especially Taeyong‘s iconic moves.

On the latest episode, she amazed viewers once again by covering another NCT song. This time it was WayV‘s “Kick Back”.

After almost three months of singing, dancing, tears, and laughter, BLACKPINK Lisa‘s time as a mentee on the Chinese boy group survival show Youth With You 3 is finally coming to an end. Ahead of the finale episode, the show’s trainees were asked to fill out a teaching satisfaction survey, and their touching reviews of Lisa’s mentor abilities prove she’s perfect for the role.

While Lisa initially predicted she’d receive B+ ratings from the contestants she worked with, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Across the board, her scores ranged from A to “A++++++,” and everyone had their own reasons for praising her.

BoogieFish, for example, gave Lisa an A-plus score for being a “Street Dance Goddess,” while Tony also named her incredible dance skills as the reason for his rating. Lian Huaiwei said she’s part of “the universe-level girl group,” BLACKPINK, while X listed Lisa’s numerous plus points: “Charisma. Highly skilled. Sweet and cool. Dance genius. Barbie Girl.”

Krystian went further, talking about how king Lisa’s personality is. When asked to give her a score, he answered, “A, definitely.” His reason? “It seems that she takes care of us meticulously,” he said, adding that she’s very nice.

When Lisa heard the trainees’ evaluations of her, she was in disbelief. Of course, fans know just as well that there couldn’t be a more perfectly kind and charming mentor for the job than Lisa herself.

“YG Stop Sabotaging Lisa”

Complaints about YG Entertainment’s alleged negligence concerning the direction of one of their most popular acts have been brewing for some time. There have been a constant concern over YG mistreating Lisa and the ensuing backlash from fans caused the hashtag #YGSTOPSABOTAGINGLISA to trend on social media. The BLACKPINK member was the target of hateful messages online after her red carpet appearance at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards, the backlash from her fans has been swift, with the creation of then #RespectLisa hashtag on Twitter to show their support for the girl group member.

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In recent times Lisa has been been shadowed in some of the promotions that YG does for Blackpink, for example, in some of the posters, she was blurred out, almost invisible. As she dropped dance videos on the channel LILI film Official, there was no promotions for her by YG of any sort. Some of YG’s actions have started to sabotage the relationships Lisa has with brands all over the world. Here’s what came up after fans dig in deep to support Lisa.

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