Will Blackpink’s Jisoo starrer “Snowdrop” continue to air after facing a petition to be cancelled? The Blue House Releases An Official Statement

will snowdrop continue to air

Blackpinku2019s main dancer and rapper Lisa made a spectacular solo debut with u201cLalisau201d and has been dominating Twitter Trends ever since the release. The kpop idol made her comeback on Jimmy Fallonu2019s show and became the first female solo artist to garner over 50 million views in just 24 hours. Read on to know more about the new release from Blackpink and the new record made in Lisau2019s name.
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Blackpinku2019s Lisa Makes Comeback With u201cLALISAu201d Lisa is the third member from Blackpink to make her solo debut after Jennie (SOLO) and Rose (On The Ground ). Lisa, also known as Lalisa Manoban dropped her EP with the title track of her name u201cLalisau201d. The music video garnered over 50 million views in just 24 hours, being the first female solo artist to ever do so. The track is full of power and magnificence with Lisa outdoing herself with her uniquely bold rapping skills. She also glorified her Thai heritage in the music video in a gold traditional Thai outfit.
The complex style of choreography is one of Lisau2019s favourite things and is well presented in the dance projects she posts on her Youtube channel u201cLiliu2019s Filmu201d. Lisa talked about her solo and how she pushed herself this time with her extremely strong rapping skills. Lisa release her two-track mini-album with the title track u201cLalisau201d and a sidetrack called u201cMoneyu201d. She expressed herself by saying that she wants the world to know who she really is through her solo debut music.
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(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); After Lisa, Jisoo is the only member left to make her solo debut in Blackpink. Jisoo has completed filming for u201cSNOWDROPu201d, the Kdrama she will be making her debut with as a female lead. As recently revealed, Snowdrop will air in winter 2021 and the filming was wrapped up a while ago. Snowdrop will feature Jisoo opposite Jung Hae In, Yoo In Na and Kim Hye Yoon.
Blackpinku2019s Last comeback as a group was with u201cHow You Like Thatu201d earlier this year and the girls collaborated with three major artists of the pop music industry Selena Gomes, Cardi B and Lady Gaga.
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