KPOP World: 10 Most Followed Kpop Idols On Instagram Right Now

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Kpop is taking to social media in a very big way. BTS and BLACKPINK have proved that social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are the best ways to go global. These Korean pop idols have attracted followers from all over the world. Many Kpop entertainment companies train their artists on how to manage their social media channels. Many big idol groups like Big Bang, EXO, SNSD, BTS, and BLACKPINK have their own social media accounts. It is a part of the entertainment company’s marketing strategy and a way for idols to connect with their fans. This article will focus on Instagram and the top Kpop Idols on Instagram. 

What is ‘ KPOP ‘?

Kpop (short for Korean popular music) is a genre of popular music originating in South Korea. It is influenced by styles and genres from around the world, such as experimental, rock, jazz, gospel, hip hop, R&B, reggae, electronic dance, folk, country, and classical on top of its traditional Korean music roots. The more modern form of the genre emerged with the formation of one of the earliest K-pop groups, Seo Taiji and Boys, in 1992. Their experimentation with different styles and genres of music and integration of foreign musical elements helped reshape and modernize South Korea’s contemporary music scene.

Modern K-pop “idol” culture began with enormous fandoms of teenagers and young adults from in and outside of South Korea ‘stanning; their favourite kpop groups. After a slump in early K-pop, from 2003 TVXQ and BoA started a new generation of K-pop idols that broke the music genre into the neighboring Japanese market and continue to popularize K-pop internationally today.

While there are idols who only use social media through their band’s official account like BTS, Twice and Stray Kids, Here’s a definitive list of the most followed (Personal accounts) kpop idols.

10 Most Followed Kpop Idols On Instagram Right Now in 2021

10. IU (@dlwlrma)

IU’s Instagram account offers a glimpse into her backstage process. She not only uploads her travels but also what goes on behind the scenes. The 27 year old soloist recently dropped a music video called “Lilac” along with a dance practice video. She aced an all kill on the music charts.

9. Jackson – GOT7 (@jacksonwang852g7)

Jackson Wang is a GOT7 rapper and solo artist and has his own label called Team Wang. He recently dropped a beautiful track called “Leave Me Loving You”.

8. BaekHyun – EXO

Baekyun does not post often but when he does it is usually to showcase his life. On his Instagram, you will find many selfies, photos with friends, and sometimes his pet corgi. Baekhyun will very soon enlist in the military and is set to promote his new work.

7. G-Dragon – BigBang

The most active Kpop star on Instagram is G-Dragon. His account was silent for a while due to his Military duties. However, since late 2019, his account has been active again. He uploads a lot of stylish pictures and even excerpts from philosophers and poets. His aesthetic is mind blowing which makes his grid look fantastic.

6. Sehun – EXO

Sehun is known for being very active on his social media interacting with his fans. Every now and again you will see his love for dogs as he posts pictures of his Bichon named Vivi.

5. Chanyeol – EXO

The much-anticipated movie of Chanyeol, called ‘The Box’ released on March 24 and raked in attention from the fans. The teaser trailer was the biggest surprise and the most curious part – which had Chanyeol sing a cover of the award-winning singer, Billie Eillish’s song, Bad Guy. His role in the movie is of a singer who can’t sing without a box on his head. Hence, the very fascinating name!

4. Jisoo – BLACKPINK

Jisoo, like the rest of her Blackpink members, brings a lot of style into their Instagram. Throughout her feed, you will see Jisoo showcase some of the latest Korean fashion and K-beauty products. However, her feed also has selfies showing her beauty to the world.


Rose was born in New Zealand but raised in Melbourne, Australia. She is the best English speaker in the group and usually is the leader when it comes to answering interview questions abroad. Her board is filled with her travels and showcases some of the best sites around the world.

2. Jennie – BLACKPINK

While Lisa is #1 on Instagram, the other members on Blackpink are right behind her. This goes to show just how passionate BLINKs (Blackpink fans) really are. Jennie comes in at #2 on the list. She also has a secondary account called lesyeuxdenini which she uses to showcase her personal photography account.


Blackpink’s main dancer and rapper Lisa is the most followed kpop idol with a fan base of a solid 48 million and she’s not even Korean. Blinks definitely have it strong. Lisa was born in Buri Ram, Thailand, and is considered one of the best female dancers/rappers in Kpop. Her real name is Lalisa Manoban and Lisa is credited with helping her other Blackpink members with their own Instagrams. 

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