Kris Wu accused of predatory behaviour: Girlfriend accuses the former EXO member of approaching underage girls, Read on to know more

kris wu scandal

Kris Wu, actor and former EXO member/ Chinese celebrity, is accused of infidelity in addition to predatory behaviour by rumoured girlfriend Du Meizhu. Wu and his team have denied the allegations, taking legal action. Read on to know more.

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Kris wu was a member of the sensational Korean boy band, “Exo” and “Exo-M”, before flying solo as a musician and actor in China. He has appeared on various Chinese variety shows, just like “The Rap of China”, and has starred in lots of Chinese language box office hits, and in recent years, has also debuted in Hollywood. On Weibo, a Chinese social media community platform, he has over 50 million fans.

Before this incident took place, Wu was seen in the headlines when some pictures of the artist renting a cinema hall for a date, came up on the incident. Since the cinema exploited the singer’s privacy, Wu’s team took legal action against the cinema hall. While this scandal was going on, Du Meizhu, a college student came up and announced that Kris has been in a relationship with her and has been dishonest in the relationship.

On the eighth of July, Du talked about her mental health and how it was affected severely amidst her situation with the former EXO member. She posted screenshots of Kris Wu’s conversations with her and other underage girls. She claimed that she is now struggling with mental health issues. She talked about being sent death threats by some of Kris Wu’s fans and how these threats made her think about ending her life.

Netizens React To Kris Wu’s Scandal

The accusations have brought out blended responses from Chinese netizens. Some query the credibility of her screenshots, declaring they could have been fabricated. Public doubt heightened when Du went on a livestream after her post became viral wherein she refused to speak on the subject. In response to these reactions, Du claims that she could by no means falsify any screenshots for the sake of clout.

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