Kris Wu Scandal: Beijing Police reveals initial findings and confirm that women were invited to Kris Wu’s house under the name of “MV Casting”

kris wu scandal

Former EXO member Kris Wu has been involved in a big scandal ever since his rumored ex girlfriend accused him of predatory behavior against her and numerous other women. Kris and his team strongly denied the accusations thereafter. Now, after the initial investigation, Beijing police revealed that girls were invited to Kris Wu’s house under the pretense of a supposed “Music video casting”. Read on to know more.

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Kris Wu Invited Women For Supposed “MV CASTING”

Earlier, a woman named Du Meizhu accused Kris Wu of “raping” her and several other women, including underage girls, in a series of SNS (a social media platform) posts. The singer’s side denied any allegations, as the case has been referred to Beijing police for a clear investigation.

On July 22, the police revealed that, Du Meizhu was invited to the house of Kris Wu by Wu’s then manager in December 2020, believing the rally was an opportunity to “test” the role of WV’s MV. Du and Wu “engaged in sexual intercourse”, after which Du and Wu last communicated via WeChat. Wu also donated to Du Meizhu some money that will be used for “online shopping”.

When questioned by police, Du Meizhu also admitted that she initially raised allegations against the former boyband EXO member in order to gain “fame” and “recognition”.

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In addition, it was revealed that police had arrested a man named Liu Tiao on July 18, 2021 for fraudulently using fake SNS IDs to defraud Du Meizhu and Kris Wu. Liu Tiao first approached Du Meizhu with the intention of extorting money from Wu’s side in connection with the alleged rape, and then looked to the parties to withdraw money from Du Meizhu.

Presently, police are continuing their investigation to determine whether Kris Wu and his group deliberately “seduced” women, including minors, with the intention of having sexual relations with them.

Stay Tuned for more updates on the Kris Wu Scandal.

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