She said yes! Kritika Khurana got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Aditya Chhabra. Here’s why she is everyone’s favourite

Kritika Khurana

Indian content creator ‘That Boho Girl’ aka Kritika Khurana got engaged to her boyfriend on Sunday, and we couldn’t be happier. Note – If you’re single, this article might break your heart a bit as Indian content creator and fashion blogger Kritika Khurana got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Aditya Chhabra, who proposed to her on Sunday. Kritika has left its mark on the Indian digital space with its unique fashion and styling tips.

She is one of the most followed creators and has always connected with her followers on a personal level. She has been private in her love life over the years but made sure to share it with her family on Instagram. Though she never spoke of her boyfriend at the time, now all too often her fiance, but she melted a few hearts each time. Everyone can agree that they both look incredibly cute together, and now that they are finally engaged we couldn’t be happier. She shared the message on her Instagram and her followers and friends have been showering them with love ever since.

Aren’t they adorable?? Kritika Khurana & Aditya Chhabra

Here’s a video she posted for her boyfriend , Aditya Chhabra. She dropped the video on her instagram handle and wrote, “I LOVE YOU. Could’t have asked for more”

Kritika Khurana’s boyfriend

Kritika officially appeared on Instagram to introduce her new boyfriend to the world. Boho Girl’s boyfriend’s name is Aditya Chhabra, who recently turned 27. A lot of people called the boyfriend “AC” before she revealed it on her Instagram.

P.S. This Boho Girl boy has long been talk of the town. Ever since Kritika Khurrana mentioned that she was in a relationship again, people wanted to know. Especially after That Boho Girl broke up with Karan Sehgal.

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Here are 5 reasons why she is everyone’s favorite-

1) She is ultra stylish : That Boho Girl (Kritika Khurana) is stylish, effortless. Her appearance is not something that comes off the runway. It is rather very elegant and sophisticated.

2) She is REAL : Kritika has a story that most girls refer to. Severe problems, low self-esteem to transform into a strong, independent woman. She did it all. And she is not ashamed of it. Moreover, she proudly cultivates stretch marks and feels comfortable with her imperfections.

3) She takes you on wonderful adventures : With the amount of work she does, she certainly travels a lot. So if you follow her on social media you can see her traveling around the world. Be it Dubai or somewhere in India itself, Kritika will take you for a spin while killing her looks!

4) Her fans are like a family to her : Kritika loves her fans. I doubt if you can call her fans at all, well, fans. She treats them like family. In addition, her Snapchat handle consists of night chat sessions with her followers, during which she opens up to various problems, her desires, and sometimes even becomes very emotional. In conclusion – she respects her fans.

5) Her friends and family are LOVE , no matter what : When you join the That Boho Girl community, you are not only joining Kritika but also her family. Her adorabale boyfriend Aditya Chhabra. Her sister Deeksha, or even her parents or her cute pets, you can be part of it all! So it’s not just about glamor.

About Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana is a famous social media influencer, fashion and travel blogger and YouTuber in India. Kritika was born on June 19, 1993 in New Delhi. An internet sensation that was first known thanks to That Boho Girl fashion and lifestyle blog. The 27-year-old has over 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account, where she shares photos of her style, trends and travel adventures with her followers.

Here are some of her super cute photos with Aditya Chhabra

Do you also love ThatBohoGirl?

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