Krutika The Mermaid Scales ‘STAY’ trend is all you need to see this weekend: Also check out her top 5 viral videos here!

Krutika The Mermaid Scales 'STAY' trend is all you need to see this we

Everybody is grooving to Justin Bieber’s STAY song lately and Krutika The Mermaid scales has once again put forward the best of her content to the ongoing trend which will definitely leave you amused and elated at the same time.

The ongoing trend follows netizens using their drones to record their video while they shake their a** and groove to the signature step of STAY song by Justin Bieber and and Kid Laroi. However, Krutika has put something completely different and hilarious to this trend by using a fan to record her video as she dances on the song instead of a drone.

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Watch her video following the STAY trend here:

Krutika always comes up with a unique, hilarious and relatable content which leaves netizens to fall in love with her and her phenomenal content. The 22-year-old influencer has over 4.1 million followers on her Instagram account and keeps her fans and admirers updated with her super cool and hilarious posts.

Checkout Krutika the Mermaid Scales top 5 viral videos here

Krutika’s videos with a unique and relatable content always hold a good number of views and likes in the reels section of Instagram. However, these are her latest top 5 viral videos which were extremely love and appreciated by netizens.

About Krutika the Mermaid Scales

Krutika, who is often called The Mermaid Scales by her fans and admirers, is the rising social media star, who has not failed to flatter the audience with her cute and funny videos. Born on December 5, 1998, Krutika hails from Maharashtra, India. 

The 22-year-old, talented and gorgeous, has a huge fan following on her social media platform, always surprising her followers with a hilarious yet amazing content. Krutika is very much passionate about making videos with the content that is totally relatable with everbody’s real life. Krutika is very hard-working and multi-talented girl.

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