Lee Do Hyun charms as new endorsement model for casual brand COVERNAT: Melancholia faces delay in airing

lee do hyun's new drama melancholia

Lee Do Hyun has been selected as the authoritative model for the popular fashion brand COVERNAT while “Melancholia” is delayed for it’s premiere after member of the staff tested positive for COVID-19.

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On the 26th of October Korean Standard Time, the popular COVERNAT brand announced that the ‘Melancholia’ actor was the new face of their brand, asking the public to give more love to their Lee Do Hyun-fronted 2021 Fall / Winter campaign. In the release photos of the campaign, the character is modeling a range of items suitable for the changing climate, from fur coats to puffer jackets.

“Lee Do Hyun has proven his talent in a variety of roles such as ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘Youth of May’ and “18 again” and has risen to prominence, a product representative said in an official statement. “Not only that, but he is drawing attention to the ‘boyfriend’s style’ with his sleek and stylish image. As a result, he was chosen as our model because she perfectly matched the style followed by the genre.”

Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun’s upcoming tvN drama ‘Melanchola’ is set to premiere soon.

LEE DO HYUN’S “Melancholia” Delays Premiere 

Several employees from the production team of the upcoming TVN drama “Melancholia” have been found to have COVID-19. “Melancholia” is a new drama played in a corrupt private school. It stars Im Soo Jung as a zealous math teacher named Ji Yoon Soo and Lee Do Hyun as a former mathematician named Baek Seung Yoo as they struggle to win social meetings and racism together.

On October 31, a representative from “Melancholia” said, “After one of the production workers was tested for COVID-19, all actors and staff received PCR tests. ”

“As security comes first, in order to ensure safe production, we have decided to postpone the first exhibition,” he said. We made this decision after reviewing the production situation so that viewers could watch as well as possible. ”

“Melancholia,” which was due to start on November 3, will now be shown for the first time on November 10.


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