Lee Ji Hoon Apologizes To “Sponsor” Production Team For His Acquaintance’s Behavior On Set

sponsor lee ji hoon

Lee Ji Hoon’s agency and the production team for his upcoming drama “Sponsor” shared statements about the actor’s friend’s behavior on the drama set. He issued an apology to the Sponsor production team for the same.

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On November 3, YTN Star reported that an employee of the show’s production team had written on a staff forum about an unfortunate incident that took place on the set. The employee revealed that one of the actors in the play came with a friend who insulted them.

They wrote, “I do not know if they were criminals or gangsters, but I do not think it was right to bring that person into the group and threaten anyone. Happily, I am not the only one hearing this, and those people said they would testify if I needed them. ”

The message added, “The actor himself said he had left [his friend], but I was not the only one who felt like he was saying, ‘Why are you annoying me?’ With his eyes, and there is. Many people will testify about this. “


After a report by YTN Star was released, the producers of “Sponsor” released a statement about the incident.

Hello. This is the production team for the drama “Sponsor”. First of all, we apologize for the bad news. Here is a statement from the producers’ team about the incident that took place on the set.

Actor Lee Ji Hoon and his friend had an altercation with an employee during the set, but it was because of a misunderstanding they had with each other. Actor Lee Ji Hoon has conveyed his apology for misconduct and extra maturity and for allowing conflict to escalate between an acquaintance and an employee. He’s worried about not being able to contact staff right now.

We sincerely hope that no further harm will come to others as a result of distorted, false information. In the future, we will manage [the environment] carefully to avoid any other problem in the production environment. We extend our apologies for hurting so many people.”

Lee Ji Hoon management company also issued a statement of apology and clarified what happened.

“Hello. This is Ssom Entertainment.

First of all, we sincerely apologize for sharing this unpleasant news. It is true that there has been a conflict between our character’s acquaintance with the employee. Actor Lee Ji Hoon tried to apologize on the day it happened, and we think it’s unfortunate that it didn’t happen smoothly.

The character thinks deeply about his friend visiting the set and causing a disturbance, and tries to keep in touch with the employee through the production team because the employee in question is not yet available.

However, regarding the allegation that he “took off his pants and caused an uproar,” it seems that [the employee] wrote in this way about his hasty change of clothes due to his busy schedule. However, we apologize to the bricklayers who felt uncomfortable because of this. We will be very careful in the future, but hopefully there is no disagreement on this.

This character is aware of the seriousness of the incident and shows in depth. We hope he can contact [the staff] and resolve the matter amicably. We extend our apologies for hurting so many people.”

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