Lee Seung Gi will officially join SBS’s worldwide boy group project ‘LOUD’ as a Super Agent: Confirms SBS

LEE SEUNG GI on loud

On the July 24 radio show ‘LOUD’, Lee Seung Gi will appear as a ‘super agent’. While the role of ‘super agent’ in the testing program does not exist, the addition of Lee Seung Gi to the program will give participants a new space to speak, different from the tense environment created by J. Park and PSY. Read on to know more about Lee Seung Gi’s new project.

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Lee Seung Gi As “Super Agent” on LOUD

The production team said, “In the presence of large companies such as JYP and P Nation, participants, for good reason, may have difficulty expressing their true views. We have introduced actor Lee Seung Gi as a super agent who can sincerely and nicely help the participants, with his excellent and commendable skills and experience in the industry.

Meanwhile, the July 24 episode of ‘LOUD’ will air at 11PM KST, instead of its usual time, thanks to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo .For those who do not know much, ‘LOUD’ is a boys’ survival program where Founder and CEO management agency of JYP Entertainment and P NATION’s PSYY has established two new groups that will start separately under their respective structures. The program focuses not only on competitors’ singing and dancing skills, but also on their artistic skills in other fields of work including songwriting, production, editing, musical instruments, and fine arts.

Lee Seung Gi will join the boys ’survival program’ as a super agent, a unique and high position that will be completely different from the roles played by CEOs J. Park and PSY. As competing players may face the dilemma of choosing between two major agencies – JYP Entertainment and P NATION, Lee Seung Gi will alleviate the concerns of the contestants by helping them negotiate with both organizations and eventually choosing the company they want to start with.

Lee Seung Gi’s favourite and an approachable person will make the contestants feel comfortable as they will be opening the star and sharing their feelings in an individual counselling session as their ‘super agent’. As an experienced musician, Lee Seung Gi will provide them with warmth, guidance, and support as they enter Round 5. The next episode of ‘LOUD’ will air on July 24 at 11 pm KST (7:30 pm IST) two hours later than the usual time slot, due to the airing of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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