“Let’s BTS”: Special BTS talk show on KBC, Watch BTS spilling never-heard-before stories

Let’s BTS: From global superstars to just living life as seven young individuals in the COVID-era, well as much as an ordinary life they can have while putting out three albums and getting national honor awards, watch BTS spilling never-heard-before stories with MC Shin Dong Yup on March 29th. BTS is getting their own talk show, in addition to the weekly Run BTS episodes.

"Let's BTS": Special BTS talk show on KBC, Watch BTS spilling never-heard-before stories
“Let’s BTS”: Special BTS talk show on KBC

Let’s BTS: Special Talk Show

KBS will broadcast the hope-filled special titled “Let’s BTS” in March to highlight the group’s message of encouragement and comfort they have delivered thus far.

Alot of artists advocate for love, comfort, and hope but not everyone is genuine and hardworking when it comes to the actual work. Not everyone can reach the audience and make a difference the way BTS can, which they have proved time and again. They werent named Influencer of the year for nothing, after all. In these unpredictable, tragedy struck times, when many are stuck at home, some away from family, friends, having lost close people or just feeling low, alot of people turn to things they love for comfort. For alot of people, it was bts’s music and message. The nation’s biggest boy group is coming together to build hope once again. Their recent title track, Life Goes On, was all about giving comfort to their fans in a difficult time like this.

To give people the message of comfort, BTS will be holding their own talk show called ‘Let’s BTS’, hosted on KBS 2TV, according to KBS’ official press release. It will have all the seven members talk in-depth about stories that have “never been shared before, such as each member’s innermost thoughts.” Considering BTS have always been incredible advocates for compassion, this talk show will majorly focus on giving people a sense of pride and ease.

Let’s BTS: What can we expect from this talk show?

The talk show will extend the group’s message of hope with heartfelt discussions and live performances. They recently renewed their Love Yourself UNITED NATIONS campaign, and hope to reach out to an even bigger group of people who need help and comfort. The production team hinted at a unique interaction between the group and fans and commented, “‘Let’s BTS’ will not only display BTS’s artistry as a global artist but also their individual stories as young men living through these times. There will be segments where they share deep conversations. Untold stories will unravel in various ways.” Armys may actually be able to talk to the members and share stories!

The production team further stated, “Special stages that are set apart from previous ones are in preparations. The special will be a chance to feel the power of the comfort they deliver through music.” There will also be guest appearances by fellow celebrities, although it is still unknown who they will be. A major thing to look out for will be the fresh pairing of BTS with the comedian, Shin Dong Yup.

‘Let’s BTS’ has also been garnering a lot of attention and a major reason for this could be the fact that BTS has stopped appearing on TV shows altogether. Instead, they make their own reality shows such as BTS Gayo, Run BTS!, Bon Voyage, and BTS In The Soop. To have the world’s biggest boy group host an exclusive talk show is not a small feat!

If you missed watching the shows we’ve named above, you can head to Vlive.com or the Vlive app or Weverse to check out their shows’ collection.

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