Zoom into newspaper clip that featured Main Hoon Na’s ‘yeh fizayein’ song to see what’s cracking up the internet!! Article related to Sunil Shetty goes viral on social media, know the reason behind it

Main Hoon Naa

Farah Khan’s directorial multi-starrer film ‘Main Hoon Na’ is in the news. The reason behind this is very funny. A newspaper click of the movie’s ending credits is going viral. Remember the scene of the credit song ‘Yeh Fizayein’ coming at the end of the film ‘Main Hoon Na’ in which a man is seen reading an article written on ‘Suniel Shetty’. The picture of the same ‘article’ has become viral on social media. It’s been 17 years since the movie was released, and this clip is now going viral.

If you are a fan of Shahrukh Khan, then you must have seen his film ‘Main Hoon Na’. If you remember, in the end credits, there is a scene in which a person is seen reading an article written on ‘Suniel Shetty’. Actually, the picture of the same ‘article’ has become viral on social media.  Now here’s why this issue made it to the headlines!

Main Hoon Naa’s end credit was way too creative

The song “Yeh Fizayein” in this movie provides information about Farah Khan’s film crew and cast. At 13 seconds in the same song comes an article with the title ‘Sunil Shetty’, which has been written about the character X Major Raghavan Singh Dutta. 

Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Main Hoon Na’ was as successful as the song was liked by the public. The end credits of the film were also very creative. In this, all the actors were introduced in an interesting way. Something like this was written in Sunil Shetty’s credit, which people are now enjoying after reading. Suniel Shetty’s name appears in the headline of the newspaper where the news is published along with his photo.

Just take a look at this newspaper cutting from the credit song of ‘Main Hoon Na’, ‘Yeh Fizayein’.

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What the article reads:

It reads, ” Raghavan was a well known anti-islamic millitant and a physchotic Hindu fanatic. I seriously don’t know why the hell I am typing this because no one is going to be able to read this through the camera… but I guess I have no choice. You see the thing is the colours don’t seem to match so I basically have to type this whole thing out. I am thinking of handing over this honourable job to my two hardworking colleagues Vivek Ram and Vaibhav Mishra.”

After 17 years of the release of the film, a social media user has found a part in it, in this part of the article, the writer has expressed his disappointment about writing it. This article was shared by Reddit user u/DilSeBaadshah. 

#checkout fans reaction

Directed by Farah Khan, ‘Main Hoon Na’ was released in 2004. The film stars Shahrukh Khan, Sushmita Sen, Amrita Rao, Zayed Khan, Rakhi Sawant. The production of the film was done by Gauri Khan. 

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