Supermodel of the Year 2 Episode 4: Malaika Arora dazzles in Akhil’s sustainable collection on the ramp

Malaika Arora

Lively Malaika Arora blowing mentors off their feet, nine ecstatic models are doing their best to become MTV’s Supermodel of the Year this season. Supermodel of the year 2, episode 4 , watch Malaika Arora add the oomph factor, opening the ramp to Akhil’s aesthetic and sustainable collection in the episode.

To become a supermodel you have to embrace your mentors, creative directors and choreographer, but ultimately bring a surprising element with your charm and confidence to keep your ‘A’ game going! By knocking their mentors off their feet, nine ecstatic models are doing their best to become MTV’s Supermodel of the Year this season. While the show’s format requires a creative photoshoot and a tough walk up the ramp in each episode, it is incomplete without an intense and unpredictable twist.

Malaika Arora setting the ramp on fire!

Hold your breath, because Malaika Arora is setting the ramp on fire! Will the girls be able to live up to her challenge? What’s more in this episode – A fiery photoshoot for flash news, with Anusha Dandekar mentoring and the grungy sets! Who will be eliminated and who will stay in the competition?

Although no one can take their eyes off the diva, the contestants will face an uphill task that will have to live up to her level! Will they succeed by doing this? Who will own the scene? Keep an eye out for the upcoming episode to find out everything about it.

This week MTV Supermodel from the episode of the year 2 is a visual feast, with Malaika Arora Sizzling up a ramp with her fiery, but a hypnotising walk. And, as Diva Malaika Arora rightly says: “Do not be predictable, bring an element of surprises every time” – this season returns to the surprise of viewers with a new format and Cutthroat competition.

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This week, vibrant Anusha Dandekar is set to become Creative Director of the photo shoot! Models set in a garage with a smoky, sparkling atmosphere of grunge mechanics will have to pose, but with a burning newspaper in their hands. The perfect combination of fiery, fun and sexy will be a challenge for all models as they only have 30-40 seconds to get the perfect click. Moving on to the second part, the models will wear Akhil’s balanced collection, keeping the glam factor high as super mentor Malaika opens the ramp.

Commenting on the need for sustainable fashion, the captivating designer Akhil said: “Today’s fashion, in addition to good looks and well-being, must coexist with the environment, and sustainable development should be an integral part of fashion. We have to be very careful about sustainable development in the world we live in now and I feel that sustainability is no longer an option, it is something we need to do.

Supermodel Season 2 elimination updates

After Siya Malasi, Anaika Nair turns out to be the next person to get eliminated. As it was a tie betweeen Thomsina D’Mello and Anaika Nair, judges decides to give Thomsina another chance to prove herself. Show has a simple format very similar to other modelling shows. A competitive SuperModel Hunt started with 15 models and the journey was more difficult for each episode. Participants will walk to the ramp and thematic photos. Then they are evaluated on the basis of their style.

Watch as Malaika Arora takes the competition to the next level and the decision-making panel to exclude one rider from the enriching race for Supermodel of the Year season two, this Sunday at 7pm ET only on MTV.

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