Mamamoo’s Agency Shares An Update On Their Contract Renewal: Solar And Moonbyul Sign A Renewal

Mamamoo's Agency Shares An Update On Their Contract Renewal: Solar And Moonbyul Sign A Renewal

Mamamoo’s managing agency RBW, released a statement regarding the girl band’s contract renewal. The members- Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein and Hwasa, debuted as MAMAMOO in June 2014 under RBW. “Mr.Ambiguous,” was their debut track and their latest comeback was in November with “AYA.

On January 22, RBW released a statement, “We are currently discussing contract renewals with the MAMAMOO members based on trust in each other. Although there is still a lot of time left on their current contracts, we have been discussing since early on as we wanted to give time to carefully decide for the members who have faithfully been with us for a long time. However, there were speculating rumors and many inquiries, so we decided to officially reveal the current status.”

After the disbandment of GOT7, fans were even more concerned about the same because if even one of them didn’t re-sign with RBW, it could essentially mean that the group would disband and that would be tragic for the fans.

However, two of the members- Solar and Moonbyul have reportedly renewed their contracts with RBW, based on their mutual trust and expectations. While the other two members- Wheein and Hwasa are still in “talks” about their contract.

Their latest comeback “AYA”, gained imense popularity because of it’s unique music.

All four members have had their solo work listed on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. They have provided the fans with numerous hits like “Piano Man” (2014), “Um Oh Ah Yeh” (2015), “Decalcomanie” (2016), “Yes I Am” (2017) and “Egotistic” (2018).

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