Manali gets crazy tourists, Hotels running out of beds. Do we soon want to hear “Hospitals running out of beds” again?? #3rd wave trends on twitter


Netizens mocks “no beds in hospitals to no bed in hotels” to viral Manali overcrowded images. Chiliad people visiting tourist spots like Kufri, Shimla, Dalhousie, Manali and other place to get rid of the sweltering heat. The pictures from Manali and other hill stations went viral in no time on social media platforms.

Manali, one of India’s most popular hill stations could well be ground zero for the third wave of the pandemic. And this time we will have no one to blame. Not Narendra Modi, not Rahul Gandhi, not anyone else. This time, Indian tourists will be solely responsible.

Tourism with a counterstroke.

It seems like people have smoked up first and then travelled to Manali instead of other way around. N number of people ongoing North India to spend some quality time with their friends and family. Tourists jamming Himachal Pradesh, Manali will be possibly cause the third wave of coronavirus. Other two waves of Covid – the first went because of the huge gatherings during festive season and the other one during Kumbh mela. It’s clearly visible that Covid gets on peak every time social distancing or any restrictions imposed are violated.

#third wave trends on twitter (Have a look at Manali’s overcrowded picture)

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People taking a break and relaxing in Manali, now who will be responsible for third wave??

This time (the third wave) or we can say ‘heatwave’, has reached tourists hotspots like Shimla, Manali, Lahaul and various other hill stations to escape Delhi’s sweltering heat and spend some refreshing time with their friends and family. It is true that there is a horrid heat wave in North India, but that is definitely no excuse for people to throng places like Manali, Shimla and Mussoorie. North India has run out of hotel rooms. What made Indians such daredevils??

Built in ‘Optimist bias’

Human brains have a bulit in optimist bias. We believe that bad things can’t happen to us. That’s why we drive without a helmet, cross signals without looking, and clearly, a lot of us also believe that the virus won’t get us.

Optimism bias is a wrong belief that our chances of experiencing negative events are lower and our chances of experiencing positive events are higher compared to everyone else. That’s why we often overestimate positive outcomes.

Government warning : Manali and other hill stations can wait but Covid virus won’t.

As number of positive corona case are still rising day by day. Reportedly, 73 districts in India are still on their peak positivity rate, Government on Tuesday purveyed a latest warning and said, that second wave is still not over. It also mentioned people jamming hill stations and not maintaining Covid restrictions. After breaking all the restrictions regarding Covid-19, people say what are government’s preparations for the third wave.

SBI Research Report

India may witness COVID-19’s third wave from August and it would reach it’s peak in September, according to a report by SBI research. “Going by the current data, India can experience daily Covid-19 cases around 10000 somewhere around the second week of July”, the report said. However, the cases can start rising by the second fortnight of August, it added.

We would love it if a third wave doesn’t occur, and this post could be us being too cautious. But when doctors and scientists around the world have warned us clearly, this seems like too much of a risk to take. So, please stay safe.

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