#MemeTheFamilyMan is trending on Twitter, Check out the TOP hilarious tweets here on The Family Man2 tv series

#MemeTheFamilyMan is trending on Twitter, Check out the TOP hilarious tweets here on The Family Man2 tv series

#MemeTheFamilyMan trends on Twitter: The Family Man 2, starring Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha Akkineni, recently released on Amazon Prime Video has got many eyeballs and has been in trend since the day of its release. The show has been loved and at the same time criticised by a lot of people of the Tamil community as they claim that the show has hurt their sentiments. Earlier, #BoycottAmazon was also trending on Twitter. Besides engaging the audience in its highly intriguing and suspenseful story, the show has also given so many scenes which have been turned into creative and hilarious memes. Twitter is flooded with memes from the show. Keep reading and check out the tweets below.

Under #MemeTheFamilyMan, Viewers have developed a liking towards Chellam Sir

The character of Chellam sir was played by the actor Uday Mahesh. This tweet shows how taking advice from Chellam sir regarding any life problem is far better than making a decision by yourself. Some people hailed him as the human version of Google, another meme shows that how even the American billionaire Elon Musk may ask for Chellam sir’s suggestion on what to Tweet next.

While all the desi users, as well as police forces around the country, have been initially taking part in the Chellam Sir meme challenge, now they have shifted their focus to other characters. A particular scene featuring Srikant Tiwari played by Manoj Bajpayee has become the fodder of memes, with viewers taking social media by storm while sharing posts with the hashtag #MemeTheFamilyMan.

TOP hilarious tweets here on The Family Man: #MemeTheFamilyMan

The dialogue used by Chellam sir in the series, “You have broken the protocol” has inspired many in different situations under which it sounded absolutely true.

The relationship between Srikant and Suchitra also encouraged a lot of memes as it was relatable to a lot of users.

Which #MemeTheFamilyMan meme made you laugh the most?

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