Mia Khalifa asks for more “Samosas” as bribe price tag for her humanitarian tweets, Check it out!

Mia Khalifa asks for more "Samosas" as bribe price tag for her humanitarian tweets, Check it out!

‘I can be bought with samosas,’ Mia Khalifa claps back at trolls as she relishes the Indian feast.

Former adult star Mia Khalifa, who drew sharp reactions for her tweet on the ongoing farmers’ protest in India, on Sunday shared a video of herself enjoying an Indian feast. The meal was sent to her by writer ‘Milk and Honey’ writer Rupi Kaur, while Canadian Member of Parliament Jagmeet Singh sent her Gulab Jamun for dessert, Khalifa revealed.

Sharing a picture of the same, she tweeted, “Shoutout to the farmers”

Check out the tweet:

Mia Khalifa also shared a video and took sly digs at trolls who claimed that the former porn star is being paid to tweet in support of agitating farmers.

Mia Khalifa thanked Rupi Kaur for sending her the meal

“It is just so nice to work hard and truly earn something. Like I earned this amazing, delicious dinner. First, I would like to thank Rupi for sending me this dinner, in exchange for humanitarian propaganda that I have been posting on my social media, and I would like to thank Jagmeet for the amazing dessert,” she says in the video.

“And I would like to remind everyone that everything does have a price, mine happens to be samosas. I can be bought with samosas

Other people, I cannot speak for. Myself? This is enough, this is enough to keep me going. Also, I am a free agent for the highest bidder, whoever can offer the best samosas,” Mia adds.

“Thank you @rupikaur_ for this beautifully harvested feast, and thank you @theJagmeetSingh for the Gulab!!! I’m always worried I’ll get too full for dessert, so I eat it during a meal. You know what they say, one Gulab a day keeps the fascism away! #FarmersProtests,” she wrote in the caption.

Check out the video here:

Khalifa had earlier criticised the internet shutdown at protest sites and tweeted, “What in the human rights violations is going on?”

Check it out:

In a subsequent tweet on Wednesday, the Lebanese American artiste had also slammed those who called farmers “paid actors.”

“‘Paid actors’ huh? Quite the casting director, I hope they’re not overlooked during awards season. I stand with the farmers. #FarmersProtest,” she had written.

Check it out:

After her comments drew sharp reactions, Mia on Friday had reiterated support for farmers’ protest.


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