Love birds Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgal evicted from the Bigg Boss house on the Weekend, Read here to know more

Miesha Iyer

Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgal get evicted in a shocking double elimination: One or the other contestant has to get evicted from the show every Weekend. However, there was a shocking double elimination this Weekend. Viewers did not expect both Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgal to be eliminated from the show almost at the same time. They were not contributing towards the show and were always seen at a corner of the house with their lovey-dovey moments.

They had no bond with anyone else in the house except with each other and viewers were not finding them entertaining on the show. Kamya Punjabi entered the house and warned them for the same but there has not been any change seen in them.

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Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgal eliminated from Bigg Boss 15

When Rajiv Adatia entered the show as a wild card contestant, he warned Ieshaan Sehgal on the very first day that he is not focusing on the game and is looking like Miesha’s dog. They also had an argument later when Ieshaan confronted Rajiv about passing comments about his relationship with Miesha but he was only giving a friendly advice by telling him the truth.

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On Saturday’s epiosde, Salman Khan announced Miesha Iyer’s name for the elimination. But this was not all, On Sunday, he told the housemates about the double elimination. The second contestant who got eliminated was Ieshaan Sehgal. The host told him, “Now, you can go to Miesha.” He also told him that this is not a show based on romance and there was no fun and entertainment in their romance which made them get less votes from the audience and their journey ended on the show.

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