Military service is now over, Hwarang star Park Hyung Sik leading an upcoming historical drama “The Golden Harpin”

park huyng sik to star in new historical drama

Park Hyung Sik who starred in Hwarang, a 2016 historical drama set in the 10th century Korea, is about to star in yet another historical drama. Here’s what we know about his new project.

The Golden Harpin starring Park Hyung Sik

On March 19, 2021, Park Hyung Sik’s agency United Artists Agency shared with Newsen that Park Hyung Sik, who has recently completed his military service, is already considering his appearance in the historical K-Drama ‘The Golden Hairpin’, the Korean title for which translates to the memoir of a hair stick, referring to royal nobles fiddling with their hairpin while thinking. The script for this drama is being written by Jung Hyun Jung and the drama will be directed by Lee Jong Jae of 100 Days My Prince fame. Judging from the incredible success of 100 Days My Prince, Golden Hairpin is already setting the expectations way up high. 

In response, a source from the actor’s agency United Artists Agency commented, “A positive discussion is underway after receiving an offer to appear in writer Jung Hyun Jung’s new project ‘The Golden Hairpin.’”

Park Hyung Sik has been offered the role of Prince Lee Hwan, who has gone from being the most free-spirited soul to being the biggest cynic after rising to power following his father’s dethronement and brother’s death. He falls into a deeper abyss of darkness when his mother, his sole remaining family member and the person he trusts, passes away soon after. He is a man of dauntless nature on the outside but is deeply rooted in desolation.

More about Park Hyung Sik

This drama is a Korean remake of the popular C-Drama of the same name where former EXO member and now, actor, Kris Wu played the role of the Prince, whose counterpart character, Lee Hwan, is being offered to Park Hyung Shik. Fans are already excited about the prospects of Park Hyung Shik taking up this drama and speculations about the rest of the cast is also a heated topic of discussion on online forums. 

Park Hyung Sik has taken on a diverse set of roles in projects including “Hwarang,” “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” and “Juror 8.” He has reportedly been receiving several offers since his return from the military, and there is much anticipation for which project he will choose next.

The script for “The Golden Hairpin” will be written by Jung Hyun Jung, the writer behind the “I Need Romance” series, “Discovery of Love,” “Five Enough,” “Romance Is a Bonus Book,” and “Lovestruck in the City.”

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