Mina apologizes on Instagram for cheating controversy: Denies making false claims about Jimin: Read on to know more

mina jimin controversy

On the evening of the 4th of July, Mina from AOA wrote a post on her social media, which included a personal message and apology to Yoo’s ex-girlfriend, the guy she had been dating her, and her fans around the globe. However, she ended her post saying that she still hasn’t changed her opinions about the controversy revolving around AOA’s Jimin bullying scandal.

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What Happened Between Mina and Jimin

She stated that the proposal of the DC Gallery that was recently posted by the fans, it was a “mess”, and that the harassment incident nothing to do with this situation”, and that she would” not talk about it”. Mina once again stressed on that, while she was the “culprit” in the cheating incident or scandal, she was sure to be the ‘victim’ of the allegations of bullying her former member from AOA, Jimin.

Former AOA member Mina made a post promising to unravel her side of the story regarding the recent allegations against her, but the netizens called out to her to edit his post.

Mina’s Statement Regarding The Scandal

Yes, I listened to all of you who accused me, so I wanted to upload a video talking about this issue, but after hearing that none of you wanted to see my face, I decided to take to written words. […] I heard from Yoo that he and his girlfriend was already in a bad relationship and that they were constantly fighting with incompatible personalities and that they were simply in a relationship out of leftover affection. And Yoo made the first move towards me and when I realized that he and I got along well, I also started to like him. We were also quite similar in terms of our environment growing up.

But I also told him then that he shouldn’t be doing this if he was still with the girlfriend. But he told me that he was getting things sorted out. And so I thought that he had ended everything and we started dating since we liked each other? Even back then, I thought that we weren’t cheating on anybody since he had allegedly cleared up his relationship. […] 

Anyway, I followed my heart previously because I didn’t understand how people could be so angered over the fact that we started seeing each other when the pair, that no longer even liked each other, was ending things. And so, I acted coldly towards the victim [the ex-girlfriend] and was snappy towards her instead of using respectful language. […]

But recently after seeing the new posts that the ex-girlfriend had made, I heard the truth from Yoo. It had all been lies. And so, I was able to rethink the position of the ex-girlfriend. It is true that Yoo and I have cheated. I am really sorry to the ex-girlfriend who must have gotten hurt, as well as to her friends. And, thanks to your post, I was able to understand the truth. It would be a lie if I don’t blame Yoo one bit. […]

Regarding the ex-girlfriend’s father, he never called me a prostitute or threatened me. However, I was really scared then and thought that maybe this was going a bit too far, but after knowing all the truth now , I understand how no parent would have liked how their daughter would be seeing a boyfriend who had been cheating on her.

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