Money Heist Season 5 Release Date and Teaser: Spanish Netflix Series La Casa de Papel to return in September this year, Check out the latest updates here

Money Heist

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date and Teaser Out on May 24: La Casa de Papel, better known in the English-speaking world as Money Heist, has wrapped on its fifth and final season for Netflix. It’s a wrap on Part 5 of La Casa de Papel / Money Heist.

Netflix has finally announced the release date of the much awaited show ‘Money Heist’ along with a heart-thumping teaser. This Spanish show is loved by almost all the Netflix users and viewers are eagerly waiting for the 5th part. This show is a perfect combination of suspense and drama, it has kept the viewers in suspense since its 4th part and everyone is eagerly waiting to know what will happen in the 5th and the final season of Money Heist. This show is undoubtedly the most intriguing show as per the reviews of the viewers. Keep reading to know the latest updates about the show!

Money Heist Release Date Out

Netflix has officially announced on May 24, 2021 that the fifth and the final season of one of the most popular Netflix dramas of all time, ‘Money Heist’ (La Casa De Papel) season 5 would begin this fall, with volume 1 debuting on September 3, 2021, and volume 2 coming out December 3, 2021. The dates are almost round the corner! Are you also excited?

Check out Netflix’s announcement on Twitter below:

2 Volumes in Money Heist Season 5

The show will be split into two volumes. The two volumes of Money Heist final season will be released three months apart from each other. Each volume will have five episodes, completing the ten-hour arc which will finally end the story being narrated by Tokyo.

Why is the Season 5 of Money Heist divided into 2 volumes?

Money Heist creator Alex Pina said that his team started writing the show in the middle of Coronavirus pandemic. The creator added that he wanted to create the sensation of a season finale or series finale by the end of first volume itself.

“We decided to work in an extremely aggressive genre, putting The Gang on the ropes. In volume 2, we focus more on the emotional situation of the characters. It is a journey across their sentimental map that connects us directly to their departure,” Alex Pina was quoted as saying in Variety.

Money Heist Teaser

Check out the teaser below:

Is La Casa de Papel a true story?

The tale is a fictional story created by Alex Pina. But, some elements from the Netflix thriller have been taken from real life. For example the masks worn by the robbers are a direct reference to Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí and his iconic moustache.

Money Heist Season 5 Plot

It is the most epic part of all the parts we’ve shot.” As well as this, based on the end of season four, it seems like the new season will follow the heist members as they try to escape from the Bank of Spain. In the final episode, Lisbon was reunited with the team inside the bank while Gandia was knocked unconscious.

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