MONSTA X’s Hyungwon To Star In A New Web Drama Called “Fly Again”: All You need To Know About The Singer’s New Project

monsta x's hyungwon to star in a new web drama

Hyungwon from Kpop boyband Monsta X will be seen in a new web drama called “Fly Again”, a source revealed. He will be playing the main lead in the role of an idol. Hyungwon was last seen releasing and promoting his latest comeback with Monsta X one week ago with the album called “One of a Kind” which is an anthology of seven beautifully mesmerizing tracks. This will mark their 9th mini album. The singer has trained and implemented being an idol for so many years and will now be seen as an idol Han Yo Han in Fly High. Hyungwon, born as Chae Hyung Won, is a vocalist, choreographer, a DJ and a Model under Starship Entertainment.

He has also made previous appearances in KDramas along with one with a main role. The show was called Please Find Her (2017) and is a short web drama with just 14 episodes that are 10 minutes long. He was also seen in Bad Papa which aired in 2018 and Hit The Top for a guest role.

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There’s not much revealed about the cast of Fly Again except the role of Han Yo Han. Hyungwon opened his own personal Instagram account in March 2021. He debuted with Monsta x in 2015 being one of the most hit boy groups of the kpop industry. Other Members of Monsta X are Shownu (Leader), Minhyuk, Kihyun, Joohoney and I.M. Starship previously announced that Shownu, the leader and main dancer of Monsta X is on a supposed hiatus due to a recurring eye issue.

Wonho left Monsta X after alleged rumors of him using cannabis made him get involved in a nasty drug related scandal. In hopes of not being the reason for tarnishing the group’s reputation, he announced that he will be leaving monsta x through a hand written letter. He is now a solo artist.

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