Bigg Boss OTT: Moose gets insecure about her connection Nishant and lashes out at Divya, a fight broke out between the two, Read here to know more


Moose and Divya’s massive argument: New episode means new drama. The two who were on good terms with each other and were becoming friends suddenly had an argument over Nishant. Moose was getting insecure and thinking that Divya is trying to steal her connection. She lashed out at Divya and both got into a massive fight. Divya did not expect this coming from her as she started considering her a friend. Both used inappropriate words for each other and Nishant, who is Moose’s connection and Divya’s good friend got disappointed from his connection due to her unreasonable behaviour. Keep reading to know more.

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Moose lashes out at Divya

Divya does not have any connection in the house and she is trying to make one since the day Zeeshan was evicted. Divya has a good bond with Nishant and she consider him as a good friend. Moose, on the other hand was getting insecure about her connection as the latter thought that Divya is trying to break their connection. In a recent episode, Pratik and Nishant were joking around to which Divya replied in a funny way, “Are you guys exchanging partners again?”, this question made by Divya offended Moose and she got triggered and lashed out at Divya.

Divya called her “Insecure b**ch” and told her that Nishant is not her boyfriend to which Moose said, “Tumhara connection nahi hai, tum har jagah jaake muh maar rahi ho”, this statement offended Divya and she said that she will slap her. The argument worsened and became a fight. Nishant got annoyed with Moose as he did not want her to bring this matter up as it could spoil his equation wit Divya.

Divya said that Moose thinks that her connection is not strong that is why she is insecure about losing Nishant. Divya also said she does not trust her connection and their bond.

Do you think this fight will be resolved? Who will Nishant choose, his connection or his friend?

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