MTV Splitsvilla 13 Episode 7 Reviews: Wildcard entries, Sapna Malik and Devashish perform their intriguing secret challenges successfully, Sapna wins the challenge, Here’s all you need to know

Splitsvilla 13

Splitsvilla 13: The show hosted by the powerful duo, Ranvijay Singha and Sunny is gaining much love and appreciation from the audience all around. They have been liking the concept of different villas with a stint of new exciting twists so far. In the last episode (6th episode) First elimination took place with a double eviction, wild villa winners Sapna Malik and Devashish entered as wild cards in the show. Keep reading to know everything about the recent episode of Splitsvilla 13.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Season 13
MTV Splitsvilla 13. Hosted by Sunny Leonne and Rannvijay Singha

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Splitsvilla 13 enters its seventh episode this weekend. After an entertaining dome session last week, two contestants were voted out. However, the entry of the winners of ‘Wild Villa’ will spice up things in Splitsvilla 13 and its fragile connections.

Splitsvilla 13 on April 17 (Episode 7) Highlights

The ideal match test ended up in failure for Pallak and Nikhil. As a result, Pallak entered the silver villa. Riya and Shivam show signs of patch up. However, several twists and turns are awaited in the upcoming episodes. The entry of Devashish and Sakshi Mallik will spice up things in the villa. Both the wild card entries were given some secret challenges which they had to perform to get a special power.

Splitsvilla 13 Episode 7: Sapna’s Challenges

Sapna was given a challenge ‘to pretend to trip so that guys would save her’, another challenge was to influence a girl to throw another girl’s clothes in the pool and lastly she was challenged to instigate two girls and start a fight between the two. She successfully completed the first and the third challenge. She tripped and Dhruv and Shivam saved her and she instigated Aditi and Nikki for a fight. She was close to completing the second challenge but somehow due to lack of time she could not complete the second one.

Splitsvilla 13 Episode 7: Devashish’s Challenges

Devashish was given a challenge to impress any three girls, another challenge was to win a token of love from the same three girls that he impressed and lastly, like Sapna, he was also expected to create a fight between any two boys in the villa. He successfully completed all the challenges. He impressed Rhea, Aditi and Palak and as a token of love he asked for a hair-dryer from Palak, a hair-brush from Aditi and a toothpaste from Rhea.

He tried to instigate Nikhil and Shivam against Dhruv but they did not pay heed to his instigation and therefore, Devashish influenced Dhruv successfully which created a huge fight between Dhruv and Shivam and between Kevin and Shivam too. Hence, he completed all the three challenges. Nikhil got furious as he realised that Devashish did this intentionally and so he started blaming Devashish for the fight in the villa.

Splitsvilla 13 Episode 7: Winner of the Challenge

Devashish got only three votes and hence Sapna Malik on getting the majority of votes won the secret challenge task. Sapna got an opportunity to choose a boy to perform a task with and if the pair wins the task they get to move to the “Golden Villa.”

The first elimination week ended the journey for Shweta Nair and Azma Fallah. However, the upcoming week promises to be an entertaining one with fiery fights.

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