MTV Splitsvilla season 13 (X3) Episode 27: Avantika, Samruddhi and Samarthya are back along with one more wildvillan Piyush, Dhruv gets insecure, Read here to know more


Splitsvilla X3: Splitsvilla season 13, The show hosted by the powerful duo, Ranvijay Singha and Sunny is much loved and appreciated by the audience all around. They have been liking the concept of different villas with a stint of new exciting twists so far. 

In this week’s episode, 4 contestants from the wild villa came back to Splitsvilla after winning the tasks fighting in the wild villa. 3 of them were the eliminated contestants that includes Avantika, Samruddhi and Samarthya. One new face that is Piyush, also entered as a wild card. Some Splitsvillans were extremely happy to see them, however, some of them were annoyed as they did not want the competition to increase. Keep reading below to know more about the new entries in the show.

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Splitsvilla X3: Wildcard Entries

Avantika who was dumped by Kat and Kevin enters back in the game, Samarthya who was dumped by Jay and Aditi makes his entry and Nikki gets extremely happy to see his connection back, Samruddhi who was also dumped enters back in the villa and joins her connection Trevon in the game. A new face, Piyush Manwani also enters Splitsvilla after winning in the wild villa. All the 4 wildcard entries performed in the wild villa to make their space in Splitsvilla. Nikki and Trevon were performing together because both of them did not have their connections as they were dumped but the game has changed again as their connections are back in the game.

Dhruv got insecure when Piyush came close to Sapna?

Sapna also entered the show as a wildcard entry after winning wild villa. She and Dhruv connected well and made a connection, both have a great bond and they look cute together. However, Piyush was there with Sapna in the wild villa and he sort of liked her and wanted to connect with her but Sapna came to Splitsvilla and now has a serious connection with Dhruv.

When Piyush entered the show, it was certainly not a good moment for Dhruv as he knew that Piyush likes Sapna. When Piyush was talking to Sapna, he got close to her and put his hand on her shoulders, seeing this, Dhruv got insecure and angry. He asked Sapna to tell him about their connection and to maintain a distance with her as he is not liking Piyush getting close to her. Sapna understood Dhruv’s point and told Piyush about the same.

Will the game change after the entry of the wildcard contestants? We will get to know about this in the upcoming episodes.

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