MTV Splitsvilla season 13 (X3) Episode 21: Shivam and Pallak’s new connection in the villa? Nikhil gets jealous, Read here to know more


Splitsvilla X3: Splitsvilla season 13, the show hosted by the powerful duo, Ranvijay Singha and Sunny is gaining much love and appreciation from the audience all around. They have been liking the concept of different villas with a stint of new exciting twists so far. In this week’s episode, ‘Pyaar Maar Kalakaar’ task was performed by the contestants. At the beginning of the episode, Shivam and Pallak showed interest in making a connection because Pallak was mad at Nikhil after his date with Bhoomika. Shivam also expressed himself about his bond with Pallak which made Nikhil jealous. Keep reading to more about the love triangle below in the article.

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Splitsvilla X3: Shivam and Pallak tried to make Nikhil jealous?

When the couples went on dates, Nikhil and Bhoomika went together. A jacuzzi date was organised for the couple and they both had a great time, bonding with each other in that hot steamy jacuzzi date. They are not a connection, they are just together in the golden villa to perform the tasks together. Nikhil is Pallak’s connection and Bhoomika has no connection in the villa. After their Jacuzzi date, Pallak was extremely angry at Nikhil and even at Bhoomika because she felt insecure about her connection having a jacuzzi date with some other girl that admits to be her friend.

Now, Pallak has been paired up with Shivam to perform all the tasks. In the recent episode, (episode 21) Pallak and Shivam expressed their emotions that they are trying to make a new connection with each other. Shivam and Nikhil are close friends but still Shivam was trying to make a bond with Pallak which made Nikhil jealous. Shivam also said a shayari for Pallak. Were they just trying to make Nikhil jealous or are they seriously planning to make a connection?

Nikhil and Pallak in Splitsvilla X3

Nikhil and Pallak are together since the day one of the show and they look super cute together. Bhoomika paired up with Nikhil when Pallak had to move to the silver villa and they were just paired up to perform the challenges and had no feelings for each other. However, things are taking a turn as it seems that Bhoomika has started liking Nikhil which will make his connection Pallak jealous and things might get worse.

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