MTV Splitsvilla season 13 (X3) Episode 26: Nikhil-Bhoomika beats Kat-Kevin in a challenge, Read here to know more


Splitsvilla season 13 (X3): The show hosted by the powerful duo, Ranvijay Singha and Sunny is gaining much love and appreciation from the audience all around. They have been liking the concept of different villas with a stint of new exciting twists so far. 

If you have not been able to keep up, Read our take on previous episode 25: MTV Splitsvilla season 13 (X3) Episode 25: Arushi Chib eliminated? Here’s all you need to know about the game-changing dome session

If you have not been able to keep up, Read our take on previous episode 24: MTV Splitsvilla season 13 (X3) Episode 24: An interesting golden villa opportunity challenge was performed by the couples, Read here to know about the challenge, winners and much more

Keep reading to know everything about the recent episode.

In the previous episode, the dome session turned the tables and changed the game for all the contestants. Shivam and Pallak became an ideal match, they took Kat and Kevin’s place in the golden villa by sending them to the silver villa. Arushi Chib was also eliminated. There are 6 couples in the villa now, let’s see what the upcoming episodes will bring with them.

Splitsvilla 13 on August 28 (Episode 26) – ‘Wisky-Discy’ Task Updates

About the Task

In this challenge, the girls were hung through a rope and the boys had to pick up the discs and throw towards their girls and they had to catch it. There was a statement written on every disc, the boys had to read it and then throw it to the girls, the girls had to decide if that statement was true or false then they had to make a shot in the true or false box. Whoever collects the maximum number of discs in the correct box will win this challenge.

Bhoomika and Sapna played extremely well, however, Kat and Aditi could not collect a lot of discs.


The challenge was between the Silver villa couples that includes Kat-Kevin and Nikhil-Bhoomika. One ideal match from the golden villa had to support each pair. Sapna-Dhruv supported Kat-Kevin and Jay-Aditi supported Nikhil-Bhoomika. There were 2 rounds of the challenge, First round was between the silver villa couples and the second round was between the golden villa couples.


Kat-Kevin and Dhruv-Sapna

Nikhil-Bhoomika and Jay-Aditi


First round was won by Nikhil and Bhoomika as Bhoomika collected more discs as compared to Kat. Second round was won by Dhruv and Sapna as Sapna collected more discs as compared to Aditi. However, only one team had to win, overall Kat-Kevin and Sapna-Dhruv had more discs of the correct answers as compared to the other team. Hence, Kat and Kevin’s team won the challenge.

Ideal Match

Shivam and Pallak become the last ideal match of the season.

6 Couples left in the game

Kat and Kevin

Dhruv and Sapna

Nikita and Trevon

Shivam and Pallak

Nikhil and Bhoomika

Jay and Aditi

Splitsvilla X3 Elimination List

  • Shweta Nair
  • Azma Fallah
  • Janvi Sikaria
  • Devashish Chandiramani
  • Riya Kishanchandani
  • Samruddhi
  • Avantika Sharma
  • Gary Lu
  • Samarthya Gupta
  • Arushi Chib

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