MTV Splitsvilla season 13 (X3) Episode 13 Updates: Vyomesh-Arushi and Shivam-Riya performed the survival challenge, Here’s all you need to know about the dome, task winner, elimination and much more


Splitsvilla season 13 (X3): The show hosted by the powerful duo, Ranvijay Singha and Sunny is gaining much love and appreciation from the audience all around. They have been liking the concept of different villas with a stint of new exciting twists so far. 

In the last episode (12th episode), Boys killed the episode with their epic ‘Pick up lines’ in the “Khoob ya Doob” task. Keep reading to know everything about the recent episode of Splitsvilla 13.

Splitsvilla X3 is back this weekend with a rivetting dome session and yet another elimination saga. After a fiery completion to ‘Silver connection challenge’ last week, Treven and Vyomesh hold the edge to enter the Gold Villa. There will be a new ideal match in Splitsvilla 13 this week but there will also be a shocking eviction. However, the suspense and drama around the dome session will trigger massive debates.

Splitsvilla 13 on May 29 (Episode 13) – Dome Highlights

The dome session started with a full on dance mode there was a lot of dance on Bole Chudiyaan and fun in the dome session this weekend. Amidst the high drama, one critical connection will be lost from the villa as a result of the elimination.

The winners of the “Khoob ya Doob” challenge that was performed last week, Vyomesh and Trevon got a chance to choose a girl with whom they would like to go in front of the oracle. Vyomesh chose Arushi and Trevon chose Samruddhi. The decision to send one couple was in the hands of the silver villa. Trevon pitched not to vote for him and Samruddhi because they were not sure about being an ideal match and they did not want to bear the ‘consequences’. However, Vyomesh was sure about being an ideal match with Arushi so they pitched for votes.

There were four girls out of five who were there in the dumping zone. Nikita was safe. Riya, Pallak, Aditi and Avantika were in the dumping zone. Both the couples who were to go in front of the oracle had to write one girl’s name from the dumping zone.

Vyomesh and Arushi wrote: Pallak

Trevon and Samruddhi wrote: Riya

By getting majority of votes, Vyomesh and Arushi went in front of the oracle but unfortunately, they were not an ideal match which saved Pallak from being dumped.

Dumping Zone updates

As a consequence of not being an ideal match, one person between Vyomesh and Arushi had to leave the show. The ideal match also had to dump one girl amongst the four so Kat and Kevin dumped Riya. There was a chance for Vyomesh-Arushi and Riya to win the survival challenge and come back to Splitsvilla 13. Riya chose Shivam to perform with her against Vyomesh and Arushi.

Survival Challenge Winners

Both the couples had to choose one couple to help them perform the challenge.

Vyomesh and Arushi chose: Dhruv-Sapna

Shivam and Riya chose: Jay-Bhoomika

With the support of Dhruv and Sapna, Vyomesh and Arushi won the challenge and entered the villa once again!

Splitsvilla X3 Episode 13 Elimination

Riya and Shivam lost the challenge so dumped by the ideal match, Riya could not save herself this time and went back home.

Splitsvilla X3 Elimination List

  • Shweta Nair
  • Azma Fallah
  • Janvi Sikaria
  • Devashish Chandiramani
  • Riya Kishanchandani

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