Must Watch Kdrama 2021: 5 Best Korean Dramas of 2021 That Blew Up The Ratings Charts

best kdramas of 2021

2021 has been a great year for Kdrama fans as we got to see every genre in full force giving us a good laugh, a good cry, mind boggling mysteries and romance that gave us butterflies. This year’s set of kdramas are worth every single penny and the minimal effort it takes to read the subtitles.

2021 brought us a number of jaw dropping mystery thrillers, some of which dominated the charts for the entire time the shows aired while some were loved so much that the viewers all over the world ended up wanting another season of their favorite kdrama.

Here’s a list of the 5 essential Kdramas from 2021 that are an absolute must watch

5. Mr. Queen

This historical comedy is an absolute must watch. The plot revolves around Jang Bong Hwan a very flirtatious 21st century chef who is transported back to the Joseon period and his soul and mind somehow ends up in the body of queen Cheorin who is played by Shin Hye Sun. The show humorously portrays the struggle of a man who is put inside a woman’s body and that of a queen.

4. Vincenzo

Vincenzo is another chart topping mystery thriller we got to see this year. The show talks about Park Joo Hyeong who is played by the Descendants of the Sun actor Song Joong Ki. Joo Hyeong moved to Italy at the age of eight. After years he is known by the name of Vincenzo Cassano, a mafia who now works for the mafia. He flies to South Korea to take part in a mafia war. The show is very captivating with the cast being absolutely amazing with their roles. 2PM’s Taecyeon and Jeon Yeo Bin are the other two of the main cast.

According to Nielsen Korea, the series finale of “Vincenzo” scored an average nationwide rating of 14.6 percent and a peak of 16.2 percent, taking first place in its time slot across all channels—including public broadcast networks.

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3. Youth Of May

Youth Of May is the one Kdrama that has stolen hearts with the intense love story portrayed in the show. The show is set in the May of 1980, the plot revolves around a medical student and a nurse who cross paths and happen to fall in love with each other.

Lee Do Hyun was also seen in 18 again again, a role for which he was awarded with a Baeksang Award. The show is still on air and is loved by viewers everywhere.

2. Mouse

Mouse, a suspense- crime thriller dominated charts even after the show aired completely. The plot revolves around a psychopath go goes around killing people, defying death in ways that give the viewers goosebumps. It gives an insight about people born as killers and psychopaths. The main character is played by actor Lee Seung Gi.

A thriller to the core, it explores intense elements of crime and mental health. The way a certain personality can completely derail the lives surrounding it is explored. It has also been climbing high in the ratings charts for a while. Now the much popular kdrama will have a spin-off called “Mouse: The Predator”.

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1. Doom At Your Service

Doom at your service is a new viki original that has won numerous hearts with just a few episodes aired. The fantasy drama stars Park Bo Young who was last seen in Strong Woman Do Bong soon. She plays the role of Tak Dong Kyung who has faced a lifetime of hardships and is about to die because of a tumor inside her brain. One day, frustrated she wishes doom upon the world and just so happens, Doom himself (Seo in Guk) was listening. They cross paths and things get complicated and a beautiful story is woven.

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