NCT 127’s Kick It : Their Fastest MV To Reach 100 Million Views


NCT 127’s track “Kick It” hit 100 million views on Youtube making it their second track after “Cherry Bomb” to hit the milestone. The song is NCT 127’s fastest music video to hit 100 million views. It’s fifth out of all of NCT’s track, including all units. The other four being NCT Dream’s “BOOM“, NCT U’s “Make A Wish“, NCT U’s “Boss” and NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb“.

Here’s the music video for the BOP.


The song took just 10 months and 20 days to reach the milestone and fans all over the world are ecstatic. NCT’s  fandom is officially called NCTzens and sometimes even Czennies.

Fans are rejoicing their idols reaching the milestone of 100 million views, many more to come.

Congratulations to NCT and NCT 127!

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