NCT and Wayv’s Lucas admits his past behavior and halts all activities ahead of the “Jalapeno” release

nct's lucas apologizes for past behaviour

NCT and its Chinese subunit’s centre, rapper and visual Lucas was accused of hurtful behaviour, gaslighting and cheating by two netizens. The rapper who is also a member of SuperM admit to his wrongdoings and posted an apology along with the announcement that he will be halting all activities prior to the release of his and Hendery’s track “Jalapeno”. Read on to know more.

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NCT and Wayv’s: LUCAS admits to his wrongdoings

Lucas, also known as Wong Yuk Hei, was accused of cheating by two netizens, that they were taken advantage of romantically and financially. The kpop idol took to his Instagram where he has a strong fan base of 10.3 million, to apologize for his past behaviour and saying that he needs time to self reflect. The 22-year-old is the most popular member of NCT, a 23 member boyband under SM Entertainment and is also a part of its Chinese Subunit Wayv and SuperM which includes Shinee’s Taemin, EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai along with NCT’s Ten, Mark and Taeyong.

Lucas announced a supposed hiatus after a series of posts surfaced on the internet, accusing the rapper of abusing his identity and a celebrity and presenting hurtful behaviour. After the apology, it was announced that Hendery and Lucas’ track “Jalapeno” will not be released as of now. The song was supposed to come out today at 6 PM KST.

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NCT and Wayv’s: What actually happened to Lucas?

Although the allegations against Wong are confusing as they have spread on social media, at least one South Korean and one Chinese man shared the news online this week that they had a visible romantic relationship with the star, who had been their fan. They both claimed to have taken advantage of him romantically and financially, claiming that he had deceived them and abused their feelings for him.
Some fans have tried to protect the star in online posts.

NCT and WAVY’s Lucas and Hendery to release new track “Jalapeno”

After Ten and Yang Yang dropped their song “Low Low” as a subunit of WAYV, it’s time for Lucas and Hendery to shine when they drop their new track “Jalapeno” as another one of Wayv’s subunits. Prior to the rappers, the main vocalists of WAYV, Kun and Xiajun dropped their ballad “Back to You“. The new song by Lucas and Hendery will release on August 25, 6 PM KST.

Watch the music video trailer for “Jalapeno”

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