NCT’s Dorm was crowded with fans: Netizens flabbergasted with the number of Saesang Fans

nct's dorm overcrowded with fans netizens react

NCT Saesang Fans: With the Kpop industry blooming over the previous few years, there has additionally been a developing difficulty of ‘sasaeng’ fans – obsessive fans who stalk or dedicate different behaviors constituting an invasion of privacy of the Kpop idols. NCT‘s dorm building was overcrowded with a huge amount of saesang fans in front of the building. Read on to know more.

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There had been implausible instances about these sasaeng fans who have crossed the line and have made those idol group members feel more than uncomfortable. With the growing trouble, there were increasingly more groups which are taking legal actions against these fans. SM Entertainment made an announcement stating that the company might no longer tolerate these moves and said they might go for strict legal action and punishment.

Despite the fact that the issue isn’t always easily resolved as one netizen shared a photo they took in front of the condo complex known to be NCT’s dorms.

In the photo, there has been a quite large group of fans collected in front of the kpop group’s dorms. The netizen who took the photograph wrote, “it appears there are a number of fans in the front of their home because the weather is pleasant.”

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After seeing the photo, there were numerous netizens who were angered as these actions of the Saesang fans were simply not acceptable. They commented, “I can’t believe they still do that these days,” “I really wish they are all put into jail, lol,” “Wow they are so crazy,” “I haven’t seen a fandom that stands outside the idol group’s dorms like that in a while,”

“Wow, so many people are gathered in front of their home,” “Even the idol members asked them to stop stalking them, geez,” “They need to stop,” “I really don’t know what they get out of standing out there,” “They give a bad reputation to regular fans, ugh,” “Please don’t slander fans, these fans are Sasaengs and we agree they need to disappear,” and “These people are pathetic.”

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