NCT Dream sold more albums than BTS: The album sales of the big 4 labels in the first half of 2021 revealed

nct dream sold more albums than bts

For 2021, the album sales for by the big four entertainment companies were revealed. NCT and BTS top the list with Twice and Blackpink following close. The big four companies- HYBE Labels, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment revealed their album sales for the first half of the year.

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NCT Dream Surpasses BTS With Album Sales

Reported by the Gaon Chart from January to June 2021, SM Entertainment sold the most album copies among of the big four labels. SM Entertainment sold a complete of 9,238,118 copies, whilst HYBE Labels came in the 2nd place promoting 5,862,156 copies. JJYP Entertainment sold 1,546,355 copies and YG Entertainment sold a total of 1,384,044 copies.

Under the HYBE label, Big Hit Entertainment sold 3,383,310 copies, Pledis Entertainment offered 1,745,945 copies, Belift lab sold 730,663 copies and Source Music sold a total of 2,238 copies.

SM Entertainment’s best-promoting artist is NCT DREAM, selling 3,390,828 copies. HYBE’s first-rate-promoting artist became BTS with a total income of 2,403,862 copies. JYP Entertainment’s highest-promoting artist was TWICE (630,942 copies) and YG Entertainment’s highest selling artist was Blackpink (877,659 copies).

NCT Dorm Overcrowded by Saesang Fans

There had been implausible instances about these sasaeng fans who have crossed the line and have made those idol group members feel more than uncomfortable. With the growing trouble, there were increasingly more groups which are taking legal actions against these fans. SM Entertainment made an announcement stating that the company might no longer tolerate these moves and said they might go for strict legal action and punishment.

Despite the fact that the issue isn’t always easily resolved as one netizen shared a photo they took in front of the condo complex known to be the idol group’s dorms.

In the photo, there has been a quite large group of fans collected in front of the kpop group’s dorms. The netizen who took the photograph wrote, “it appears there are a number of fans in the front of their home because the weather is pleasant.”

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