‘Neha Bhasin got emotional as she recalled being rejected and judged by her clothes’: IPML Episode 9- Indian Pro Music League

Neha Bhasin performing on IPML

IPML: Indian playback singer and songwriter Neha Bhasin got emotional on the stage when she shared instances from the past where she was judged and even rejected based on the clothes she wore. Indian Pro Music League (IPML)- the brand-new concept of a music reality show is experiencing an overwhelming response from the whole country. People are supporting their favourite teams like they do in any other league. With experienced captains, professional singers, reality show stars and new young talents live-singing is going on another level. Here’s all you need to know about episode 9- March 21, 2021.

IPML 2nd innings: The competition by far

Earlier, the results of the 1st innings were out, the results are based upon public voting and the votes are converted into points. The winner of the league match gets 2 points and the losing team gets 0. In the super match, the team with the highest votes gets 3 points. The team with the second-highest votes gets 2 points and the team with the third-highest votes gets 1 point. The bottom three teams get 0. Points of the league matches and the super match add up to make the scoreboard.

The results of the 1st innings are as follows:


Followed by the powerful beginning of 2nd innings with a super match and league matches. Read the full articles here- “Suresh Raina played badminton with a bat”: IPML Episode 8 UP Dabbangs V/S Punjab Lions, second innings- Indian Pro Music League I IPML Episode 7 Gujarat Rockers V/S Bengal Tigers: Love takes over the show- Indian Pro Music League

IPML Episode 9 highlights: Mumbai Warriors V/S Delhi Jammers- the last of the 2nd innings

Mumbai Warriors and Delhi Jammers competed in the final match of the 2nd innings. The episode started with a verbal battle between the two hosts where Karan Wahi put up the specialities of Delhi and Waluscha De Sousa supported Mumbai. Currently, Mumbai Warriors are dominating the leader board with 5 points whereas Delhi Jammers are yet to earn a point.

Moving to the Battle, the match consisted of 5 rounds wherein 4 rounds teams can choose their song by themselves and can perform solo, duo, trio or in the group. 5th round is a face-off where there’ll be a singer from each team simultaneously performing the one song. Delhi Jammers won the toss and decided to let Mumbai Warriors hit the stage first.

Mumbai Warriors: Kailash Kher, Shilpa Rao, and Purva Mantri

Owners: Nilkamal Furniture

Brand Ambassador: Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia Deshmukh

Captain: Kailash Kher

Team: Shilpa Rao, Purva Mantri

Delhi Jammers: Sajid Khan, Neha Bhasin, and Ankush Bhardwaj

Owner: Smule

Brand Ambassador: Shraddha Kapoor

Captain: Sajid Khan

Team: Neha Bhasin, Ankush Bharadwaj


Mohammed Irfan- an Indian playback singer who started the journey of music with Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in 1995 as a child artist. He was part of the song “Phir Mohabbat” from the film “Murder 2” along with Arijit Singh. He considers “Banjara” from “Ek Villain” as a milestone in his career. Now, he’s back at Zee TV after 26 years as an all-rounder for the team Mumbai Warriors.

Shabab Sabri- a versatile singer who got a little fame from Sajid-Wajid’s “Humka Peeni Hai” from the film “Dabbang.” Shabab Sabri is the all-rounder for Delhi Jammers. These new pro singers from both teams competed with each other in the 1st round with their own songs. All-rounder Mohammed Irfan sang “Banjara” and all-rounder Shabab sang “Humka Peeni Hai.” Both performances were commendable.


In the 2nd round, the whole team of Mumbai Warriors (Kailash Kher, Shilpa Rao, Purva Mantri, Rachit Agrawal and Mohammed Irfan) jumped on the stage to celebrate their command over the points table. They incredibly performed “Deva Shree Ganesha” and raised the bars for the show. To compete, there came a queen from Delhi Jammers- Neha Bhasin, who’s known for breaking the orthodox rules set by the society.

Neha Bhasin gave a super-sizzling performance on “Deedar De” and “Aisa Jaadu Dala Re.” She got a bit emotional after the performance as she recalled being rejected and judged by her clothes. She was even asked to get off the stage for wearing shorts. But she wanted to be a pop-star since childhood, considered her body as an instrument, denoted her vocals and her body both as Saraswathi. She then thanked IPML and ZEE TV for not stopping her for what she’s wearing and allowed her to give her dream performance. She sang she danced, she performed, all in all, she was amazing.


Shilpa Rao and Rachit Agrawal (new voice) from Mumbai warriors performed in the third round. Mumbai Warriors ne Dhoom machaadi when they sang the mashup of the songs from “Dhoom-3” which included “Kamli,” “Dhoom Machale Dhoom” and “Malang.” Then came Idol Ankush Bharadwaj and the new voice Priyanshi from Delhi Jammers to compete. They were super melodious when they sang “Chori Kiya Re Jiya” from the movie “Dabbang.” Host Karan Wahi teased the youngsters for their amazing chemistry on the stage.


Captain Kailash Kher, Purva Mantri and Rachit Agrawal from Mumbai Warriors went down to the stage for the round, they performed Kailash Kher’s one of the iconic songs “Tauba Tauba.” Everyone enjoyed their performance. Kailash Kher even shared the story of his struggle and expressed his love for Mumbai city. Then came Captain Sajid Khan and Idol Ankush Bharadwaj from the team Delhi Jammers. Sajid Khan was in the character of “Don” during their performance on “Mujhe Pehchano, Kahan Se Aaya Mai Hun Don.”

Everyone cried when Sajid Khan opened his heart about his family conditions and financial crises when his brother and partner Wajid Khan was sick and were in bed. Sajid experienced fear for the first time in life and it was when Wajid expired. All the responsibilities felt heavy on his shoulders, he didn’t know what he’ll do and how his life will proceed without his brother. Luckily, he completed the composition that Sajid-Wajid made together for the last time and the song is coming in Salman Khan’s “Antim.”

Face-off Round

Captain from one team and all-rounder from the other. Kailash Kher from Mumbai Warriors and Shabab Sabri from Delhi Jammers faced-off on Kailash Kher’s “Rang Deeni” from the movie “Dev.” Shabab excellently synced with Padma Shri winner Kailash Kher. Shabab’s Captain Sajid Khan thought the performance could’ve been better.

All episodes of IPML are available on Zee5 for free. Do let us know your favorite artists and the Team you want to see on top.

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