Neha Bhasin lashes out at Divya Agarwal as the latter discussed about her underwear in the Bigg Boss Ott house

Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin lost her calm with Divya Agarwal: Neha and Divya are not getting along well with each other since the start and Divya has admitted several times that she does not like Neha. Pratik and Neha came close and Pratik and Divya are also not fond of each other. Shamita, who is also Neha’s BFF in the house does not like Divya and has had a lot of fights with her in the house.

In an episode, Divya Agarwal made fun of Neha Bhasin when she left her underwear beside the sink and called her ‘disgusting’. This incident did not end there as Divya told everyone in the house about this and it was extremely insulting and disrespectful for Neha Bhasin. Keep reading to know more.

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Neha Bhasin lashed out at Divya Agarwal after the undergarment incident

In a recent episode, a press conference took place in which various news reporters came in the house to ask questions from all the contestants. There were 6 contestants in the house, that includes, Divya, Shamita, Neha, Raqesh, Nishant and Pratik. The people from media started pouring in their questions and everyone gave clear explanations to what they asked them. However, one reporter accused Divya for passing comments about Neha’s dirty underwear and discussing with everyone, including the boys in the house. The reporter even called Divya “Misogynist” for her comments.

Divya did not accept her fault and defended herself by saying that it was a matter of cleanliness and she would have said the same if it was a man’s underwear. However, Neha lost her cool and got furious as Divya made fun of her, called her disgusting and discussed about her underwear on national television.

Neha Bhasin and Shamita Shetty both got angry as this was something personal and she could have politely told Neha to pick it up rather than calling her disgusting again and again and insulting her in front of everyone. Neha lashed out at Divya for passing such comments and a fight broke out between the two. She was hurt and disappointed.

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