‘Nepotism is everywhere Bollywood’ – Manoj Bajpayee reacts to Bollywood Nepotism and how he overcame it

Nepotism, Manoj Bajpayee

The topic of nepotism is a controversial one, specially in today’s time where there’s a constant battle between actors who make it ‘easy’ in the industry because of their families and other actors who have to struggle for the same position.

Producer Karan Johar has often received backlash for ‘nepotism’ in his movies. He has be accused of only ever casting new star kids in his movies, instead of fishing out new talent. This often brings in the debate oh how nepotism is unfair for those with real talent.

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Manoj Bajpayee on Nepotism

Its undeniable that Manoj Bajpayee as an actor is splendid, but of course the recognition did not come easy to him. He has often spoken up about nepotism in the film industry, and how one can over come it

‘Nepotism is everywhere. A chairman in a corporate will not give his chair to best of the guy in the office. He’ll always give it to his son, or the daughter. A saith in a jewellery shop will not give his galla to a salesman..” he said in an interview in 2017

“But still, that should not stop us from seeing dreams. We should really be prepared with skill and craft. We should really work very hard on ourselves and not taking any day for granted, anything for granted. Then only you can fight against it. This is always going to be faced by the newcomers. So, you can only fight it with your own skill, your own craft, your own hard work.”, he contiued

“And yes, it is alright that they get the chance very easily, they get the second chance very easily, they get the third and fourth chance very easily. But that doesn’t make is sure that they will always be getting chances. Who will get the chance? The person who will be very very lucky, and the person who will have the skill and the craft.”

In another recent interview in 2020, he again talked about how the industry has ‘wasted talent’ because of this practise.

“I have said it before that this industry has wasted talent; so much that in any other country those talents who have not been given their due here, would have been known as the best actors of the world. This is the system I am talking about. This is the cold value of this industry. I am not blaming anyone. I am a part of this industry. This is why I said in my past interviews that we have to look inward and rectify that. Rectify, or you will keep getting flak for it, cursed for it and will keep on losing respect of the common people.”

The second season of Manoj Bajpayee’s show, The Family Man was released on Amazon Prime, and was well received by the audience. Critics sang praises of his acting skills in the series.

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