Netflix releases ‘The Night Stalker’, a terrifying and must watch true-crime series.

Netflix releases 'The Night Stalker', a terrifying and must watch true-crime series.

The Night Stalker: Netflix has released another terrifying true-crime documentary series, and trust me if you love watching serial killer crime documentaries, then this one is for you.

The night stalker
The night stalker on Netflix

This docu-series is centered on Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, known as Richard Ramirez, who was a serial killer and serial rapist from Los Angeles. The series tells us the disturbing events of 1985 summer, which was terrorized by this serial killer, and the investigation that was led to capture him. There were 14 horrifying murders that Ramirez was accounted for, however, the true number of the people killed by him is unknown.

His crimes not only terrorized the residents of Los Angeles, but also the residents of San Francisco. Director Tiller Russel, keeps this murderer mostly out of focus until the end of the series, to keep him ghostly. He instead focuses on the story told by the two detectives and how LA was sent into fear.

Surviving victims and their families are also interviewed throughout the series, describing encounters with this psychotic killer. Anastasia Hronas was only 6 when she was kidnapped by him at night, driven to an apartment, repeatedly molested, then was dropped at a gas station where she was told by her abductor to ask the clerk to call 911. She talks about the utterly terrifying experience with brutal clarity.


The Night Stalker: His Victims

The four-part series tells us how he brutally attacked men, women, and even children. His victims were of different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. Even the style of murder wasn’t always the same. Sometimes it was strangulation with a telephone cord while sometimes a point-blank gunshot. Ramirez would even sometimes leave Satanic messages or symbols.

The only thing common was unlocked homes of the victim, which Ramirez used to his advantage in carrying out his killings.

Gil Carrillo and Frank Salerno were the two Los Angeles police detectives who tracked Ramirez’s crimes in 1985 and investigated the murder cases. They helped in narrating the story of this notorious killer for the docu-series. The crimes were so horrendous, that they could still recall the exact details about them; the time and dates of the murders, what a victim was wearing, and where the crime took place.

“We had a serial killer responsible for kidnapping children, girls, boys; raping adult women, killing adult women, killing males,” recalled Gil Carrillo. “We’ve never encountered anybody like that in criminal history.” Richard drew pentagrams on his hand and even shouted “Hail Satan” during his trial in 1989.  He stated to reporters after the death sentences, “Big deal. Death always went with the territory. See you in Disneyland.”


A film of the same name was also made on the killer in 2016, starring Lou Diamond Phillips as Ramirez.


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