Netizens disapprove of KBS’s new drama ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’: What is Controversial about the show?

kbs drama under controversy

The new KBS game series ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ was not well-read by netizens. KBS’ new drama “Young Lady and Gentleman” has been in discussion among netizens because of the age gap presented in the show. The show has received negative attention online with its wide age gap between the leading couples in the show.

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KBS DRAMA ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ criticised by netizens

After the show aired, most of the network users did not hesitate to express their deep dislike for the game scene where the two main characters met for the first time. The alleged scene showed a 13-year-old boy meeting the 27-year-old man, which eventually led to a large plot twist.

On September 25, KBS began airing their new K-drama drama Young Lady and Gentleman. The cast of the weekend show is Hy Hyun Woo and Lee Se Hee. The caption of the show says it is a love story where age does not play an important role. It shows the relationship between a 20-year-old woman and a 40-year-old single father. Although relationships with older characters are not uncommon in K-dramas, especially when the man is older, they are not well-received by the audience.

While the first synopsis received little criticism for liking the age gap between the male and female leads, the buzz ended after Ji Hyun Woo’s statement. Asked how he felt about playing a 14-year-old boyfriend in an interview, he said: “Well, love never ends the age. I hope viewers can find out that Young Lady And Gentleman has been a heartwarming, cool game in the air.”

KBS Deals With Netizens’ Comments

“This is too big.” “Okay, why is the producer’s team so focused on their age gap? I really don’t like how they are directing a situation like this.” “Please leave complaints to the KKS game production department. This should not be tolerated.”

“What’s wrong with this country? Why do they continue to produce this kind of show? Who agrees?” “This will encourage child molesters. We had a child rapist Cho Doo who soon made headlines.”

“If they wanted to show that their relationship was a natural one, they would have made them 20 years old and 34 years old.” “I usually like the gap trope but this is not the case. I wanted to call the police as soon as I saw a 27-year-old child talking to a 13-year-old.”

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