Netizens discuss (G)I-DLE Miyeon’s Upcoming Webdrama “Adult Trainee” And Its Provocative Premise

gidle's miyeon to star in new drama which is based on a very unique conept

It was just recently confirmed that G-Idle’s Miyeon will be making her acting debut soon. She will be starring in a web drama called “Adult trainee” and is based on a very new concept which has not been discusses in much Kdramas before. Read on to know more about the new drama and why netizens are commenting on it.

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(G) iDLE’s Miyeon has just been cast in an upcoming web drama, Adult Trainee (literally translated). While the recording and shooting has already begun, many are beginning to worry about the launch of the drama.

The plot of the Kdrama has a lot of fans and viewers concerned. Adult Trainee will have 7 episodes in length, and they will talk about hormonal teens as their bodies grow and mature, written as a rom-com. She has Jaemin, who gets addicted to masturbation, a conservative Yura who first meets her boyfriend and overweight Naeun who has never had a boyfriend before. The play aims to express the green and true concern and love stories of 18-year-olds in a way that Gen Z can understand.


Miyeon will star in the play oppisite Ryu Ui Hyun, who was shot and honored after his previous dating stories with AOA’Hyejeong and his appearance at A-TEEN. Ever since he broke up with Hyejeong. Fans and networks alike remain divided on issues. While some feel it may be similar to Netflix’s most popular show, Sex Education, others are concerned about her as a female idol and criticize CUBE Entertainment.

“It’s not 19+ and it seems to be talking about teen sexual problems so why do you guys argue about having oversight? It’s not like they’re going to have a sex scene and I think it’s time for the release of something that can teach about sex. ”

“It’s not like they can force him if he says he doesn’t want to. Maybe you have his own ideas and he chose them… Why do people always blame the company? When the bullying occurred at the school they also blamed the company. ” “What’s that… They think it’s like Europe here or something … It wouldn’t be a problem if young teens copy?”

“Sounds like they’re doing this cheating game to copy 19+ dramas on Netflix.”

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