New BTS OST ‘Film Out’ Teaser Out : Jungkook Credited As Producer

New BTS OST 'Film Out' Teaser Out : Jungkook Credited As Producer

BTS OST ‘Film Out’ : Live stream, release date, concept, and all you need to know about a collab with Japanese band Back Number for ‘Signal’

BTS is undoubtedly one of the biggest bands, if not THE biggest, in the world right now and their music keeps on getting better album after album. After conquering the Billboard charts for so many months, the band is set to enthrall the listeners with a new song titled ‘Film Out’. The original soundtrack (OST) will be featuring in the upcoming Japanese movie ‘Signal’ which is expected to premiere on April 2, 2021, in Japan.

The theme song ‘Film out’ is an emotional ballad that speaks of that person who still comes to mind and never disappears from the heart.

As soon as the announcement for the BTS’s new song surfaced online, the fans took to social media and started trending “Film Out” across all social media platforms. It had all come as a big surprise, as no one was expecting an ost announcement.

Jungkook will be producing the song while Back Number, the Japanese rock band, has given the music for the soulful song that fans can’t wait to hear.
Jungkook has produced a lot of songs for BTS. Meanwhile, this would be the second time that the talented musician will be serving as a producer on a Japanese OST. He has already produced the Japanese song ‘Your Eyes Tell’, which was featured as an OST on the television series with the same title. The song claimed the numero uno position on the Billboard US World Digital Songs chart in 2018.


BTS OST Release date

There is no official release date for the song as of yet. However, the movie is going to be released on April 2, 2021. The song will be a part of the Japanese movie ‘Signal’ which is a spin-off of the Japanese TV drama series from 2018.


Popular music website Billboard shared that Jungkook was really inspired by a melody line created by Iyori Shimizu (Back Number) and proposed a new melody. This is how ‘Film Out’ started. Talking about the song, Jungkook revealed that he really liked working on the song because the melody created by Shimizu is very “fascinating”.

Jungkook added: “I am very happy to be in charge of the theme song for a further scaled-up movie, and I am very much looking forward to the work.  This is a song that I really liked while working, so I hope everyone likes it. It’s a ballad song with a sad melody and lyrics, but I think it’s a song that can ‘cry’ the hearts of many people.”

‘Film Out’ is a collaboration between the BTS and Japanese rock band Back Number, who first met in 2017. BTS member Jungkook is also said to have helped create the track, cited for his work on the melody, alongside Back Number vocalist Iyori Shimizu.

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