NH3 by Niall Horan Release Date: Niall Horan confirms the third studio album that he’s writing

Niall Horan

Fans on Twitter have officially lost their calm after Niall Horan confirms in a tweet that his third album is coming soon.

A fan on twitter replied to one of his tweets and asked “NIALL ARE YOU WRITING NH3?”, to which Niall calmly replied, “Yes, You know I am.”

When is the new album dropping?

No release date of the new album has been confirmed yet, apart from the fact that is is currently being worked on and that it might take a “while”.

Niall had confirmed to a fan a while back that his third album is already in works, but it might take a while to finally be released. He was recently spotted in the studio with his good friends and songwriters, John Ryan and Alex, leading fans to think it was regarding his album.

Last month, Niall had responded to a fan’s question about NH3 on Twitter, saying that it’s in the works, but it may take a while.

One fan asked: “Niall do you feel like lockdown has had an influence on the songwriting process?,” to which he jokingly said, “Yeh I’ve done none of it [laughing emoijs]”

But when another person followed that up with another question, “but nh3 is on its way?”, Niall reassured the fans by saying, “It will be a while but it’s been worked on.”

What will be the title of the album?

No title for Niall’s upcoming album has been confirmed, so fans have settled in calling it ‘NH3’ for now.

Niall’s second studio album titled Heartbreaker Weather, was released almost a year back, in March 2020, and fans have been patiently waiting for it’s follow-up album. Ever since Niall confirmed NH3 on twitter today, fans have been trending ‘NH3 IS COMING’ with around 17k tweets so far.

“Niall makes better music than me”: Zayn Malik

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, former One Direction member Zayn Malik admitted that out of all the former members of 1D, he finds Niall’s music the best.

“Niall makes the best music, there you go”, he said in the interview. “Even better than Zayn?” the interviewer countered, to which Zayn replied, “Yeah, I’d say that, yeah he makes better music than me.”

Stay tuned for updates on NH3!

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