Nick Jonas explains his ‘Conspiracy Theory’ In A Hilariously Weird Way on Twitter and Instagram

Nick Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and is also associated with Jonas Brothers Band. Nick Jonas has around 29.9m followers on Instagram and 15.5m followers on Twitter. Recently he has shared a video on both the platforms and witnessing a trending hashtag called #JonasBlessing.


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The origin story of the #JonasBlessing. Crazy more people aren’t talking about this?!

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In a series of his tweets and new Instagram post update on late Wednesday 28th of October 2020, the singer talks about the blessings that have been showered upon some ATHLETES who have won some huge success in their respective games.

In his video, he talks about the conspiracy theory in a hilarious way against the Jonas Brothers Band. He’s asking why people aren’t talking about the blessings gained from the Jonas Brothers band, resulted in success later in their careers. Calling this as a conspiracy against Jonas Brothers in a funny way. He has mentioned some well-renowned players from different games who won the Titles in their respective games right after they have attended the Jonas Brothers show.

Who are the lucky ones

1.Patrick Lavon Mahomes II

He talks about Patrick Lavon Mahomes II an American Football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. Mahomes led the Chiefs to Super Bowl and won their first super bowl after 50 years since 1970 on 2nd February 2020. Patrick Mahomes, his girlfriend Brittany Matthews, and the Chiefs receiver Demarcus Robinson took in the Jonas Brothers concert at the Sprint Center on 22nd September 2019. Jonas Brothers gave Patrick Mahomes a special shoutout during the concert and thus received the #JonasBlessing that ended up in a win in their Super Bowl event.

Nick Jonas with Codi Bellinger
Codi Bellinger second from the right alongside Joe Jonas

2. Codi Bellinger

He also talks about Codi Bellinger an American professional baseball first baseman and outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. On October 22nd the Dodger’s triumph at their first World Series win since 1988. Codi Bellinger played a huge role in the victory of his team. Earlier, Codi Bellinger and his teammates played a pre-show basketball game with Jonas Brothers. The baseball players got the prime seat to the live show. Eventually, according to Nick, they showed up at the life, thus gained the blessings from the band and ended up winning their first world series win since 1988.

Louis Hamilton at Jonas Brothers show
Lewis Hamilton with Sophie Turner at Jonas Brothers show in Paris Feb 2020.

3. Lewis Hamilton

At last, he talks about, Lewis Hamilton a British Racing Driver who has recently won the Portuguese Grand Prix on 25th October 2020, he also took his 92nd Formula One win, breaking the record previously held by Michael Schumacher. Lewis was spotted hanging out with Jonas Brothers later after their live show in Paris on February 22nd, 2020. Yet again, blessings blessing and blessings from none other than Jonas Brothers, that ended up with his win at Grand Prix 2020. Wow!

The video just not ended there with the names, the singer requested to all the athletes who love success and trophies should attend their live shows more often, so maybe ‘Jonas Brothers showers them with their blessings’? At last, he congratulated all the athletes’ winners with a wicked smile on his face. “Congrats to all you Jonas loving athletes out there who were smart enough to come to our show, you deserve those championships”, Nick Jonas.

Well, Nick is definitely working through something here, a hint for his upcoming shows, Maybe?

Or if anyone, who would like to taste some success in their future you know where you have to go first. I’m sure their blessings are not restricted to athletes. And those who are still waiting for their blessings as you have already attended one in the last year, you know who to blame. God help you. :)

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