“Nina Dobrev Doesn’t Follow Me On Instagram”: Her “Love Hard” Co-star Darren Barnet reveals that Vampire Diaries actress does not follow him on Instagram

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The Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev is all set to promote her new Netflix movie with Darren Barnet. In one of the interviews, Darren Barnet revealed that his co-star does not follow him on Instagram. The two are very famous for their popular roles, Nina played Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce on the super hit supernatural show on CW called The Vampire Diaries while Darren rose to fame for his dreamy high school character Paxton Hall Yoshida in Netflix’s Never Have I Ever.

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Nina Dobrev plays lead actress Natalie Bauer in Love Hard. She travels the world to meet her love interest she met online. Her romantic dreams are shattered when she discovers that she is not the man she thought she was, literally. Most will see it soon.

Darren Barnet plays Tag, the face on Josh’s profile pictures. Natalie finds that she does not live too far from the real Josh and is determined to make the love of her dreams come true. Darren Barnet has been making girls, women, and men choose between the Paxton or Ben team since he started playing the role of Paxton on Never Have I Ever. The movie came out recently on Netflix and we might see a sequel of Love Hard if the first part does well.


In an interview with “Still Watching Netflix”, Darren said “You know a fun fact? Nina doesn’t even follow me on Instagram. I check every day Nina was actually dumbfounded and she replied with “Burn. But I was following you”. Darren then said, “By ‘was’ you mean you unfollowed me?”

Check out the video below to watch the full interview.


Nina immediately followed Darren after he accused her of not following her own co-star. Darren jokingly threatened her by saying “If you unfollow me after this, I will send you obscene-” and Nina cut him off by asking the staff to proceed to the next question.

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